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Interior Doors - an important part of the interior

Interior Doors - an important part of the interior

Beauty, functionality and style. Snow pine, Siberian larch, birch, pearl and many more great offers. Interior doors invite you to open the threshold of any room and create an interior that combines harmony and good taste. 

Their color can affect not only the look of the individual room, but also the overall aesthetics of the home You. It is up to you whether you choose the eternal classic – white doors or go for bolder solutions. 

Imagine your world and discover the perfect finish right now! In this article, we at Furnish BG will focus on the aesthetic function of interior doors. We will share with you practical solutions that will fit your space perfectly. 

Is there a classic solution for every home?

As a general rule, many people choose doors to be the same color as the moldings and trim. But in the last 2 years, many are afraid to go out of the familiar and choose the doors to be in different colors such as black, gray, wood tones and others. In this way, they try to bring some color into the interior and break up the boring environment. 

In many modern homes, it is possible to meet plain white interior doors. This may seem like a "safe" choice, but sometimes the classics don't match the character of your furniture and style. 


What should be the color of the interior doors in the home?

When choosing the color, it is important to pay attention to several main points:

    • It is not necessary to choose the same color as the interior. 

    • The color of the interior doors can contrast with the color of the floor in the room. 

    • Interior doors can be combined as a shade with the furniture in the room.

    • Interior doors can be in a durable neutral color such as white, gray and cream. They do not need to be combined with the interior of the room, but they should not be in disharmony with it. 

    • It is recommended that all interior doors be selected in the same color.

What should you know about wallpaper doors?

An interesting idea that can also fit your home. The idea of this type of hidden doors is to blend in with the decor of the room in which they are installed and become part of it. They are made with hidden hinges that are not visible on either side of the door. Skirtings are usually not placed on this type of doors. 

The wallpaper doors are installed in advance - before the finish is laid (the covering of the corresponding decorative wall). Here there are a variety of options for how the wall in which the door will be built will look. It can be paneled along the entire wall and the door can be in the same style - merged with the textures and treatment of the paneling.

It is also possible to leave it for additional treatment if the wall is finished with decorative plaster with different textures. Here, the door can blend back into the plaster decor by making it the same texture as the wall plaster. For this purpose, the door must be prepared in advance for this treatment with the necessary priming materials. 

Another interesting option is to decorate the wall and the door with mirrors. Thus, the wall will convey volume and additional emphasis on the space in the home. 


Do you like this idea?

We at Furnish BG offer manufacturing of this type of hidden doors. For more information, contact us by email: info@furnish.bg

Welcome to the location in the city of Varna at: 37 "Ivan Vazov" St. Or seek a consultation with a phone designer: +359 898 516 123 and for the city of Sofia 

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