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Terms of use for the Furnish.BG site

Welcome to the General Terms Section of www.furnish.bg. This site was created and updated as a property of Furnish BG OOD with headquarters and address of management: the town of Varna, 37 Ivan Vazov St., ground floor, Company’s Id. No. 128589931. The company works in the field of interior design and furnishing solutions for premises with different types of use and it specializes in designing and furnishing residential and holiday properties. These TERMS aim to regulate the relationship between the website owner, www.furnish.bg, hereinafter referred to as Furnish BG OOD on the one hand and the visitors of www.furnish.bg, hereinafter referred to as Users or YOU, using the website for information and/or trade purposes, on the other hand.

These General Terms shall apply to all cases of use of this website. Read these terms carefully before using this website! By using this website, you declare that you agree with the Terms of Use stated herein whether or not you choose to get registered on the site or to place an offer through it. “Use” means any action relating to the loading and visualization of photos or texts placed on the pages of www.furnish.bg, and/or registering on the website, and/or placing an offer through it as well as any other action providing access to the information published on the website. In all cases of use of the website, you declare that you accept these General Terms completely and are obliged to observe them. If you DO NOT ACCEPT these terms, please do not use this website.

Furnish BG has the right to revise these General Terms at any time under the condition that it announces this. The changes shall become effective right after getting published on the website. If you continue to use www.furnish.bg after changes in these terms have been made, it will mean that you agree and accept these changes. If you do not wish to accept some new General Terms, you should not use this website after we have published a notification on their effectiveness.

Certain provisions of these General Terms can be replaced by explicitly stated legal notices or conditions stated on some places on this website and announced by Furnish BG OOD separately.

І/ Rights, limitations, Responsibility. Copyright.

1. Furnish BG OOD takes all efforts to include accurate and new information on the website, but it does not bear responsibility for mistakes and omissions in the contents of the website. We can change the materials on this website or the products and prices described in it at any time, without a notice. The materials published on this website may be old, but we do not take the duty to update them.

2. You use and go through the website at your risk. Neither Furnish BG OOD nor another party having played a role in creating, publishing or updating the website can be held responsible for any direct, accidental, indirect or penalty damages arising from your access to or use of the website.

3. You explicitly state and agree that Furnish BG OOD does not bear responsibility for any deformation, insulting or illegal behavior of other website users or third parties.

4. We, any other party (regardless of whether it has a role in creating, maintaining and providing the website or not) and some of our group of companies and the officials, managers or employees of any one of them do not bear responsibility for any sum or type of loss or damage that may arise towards you or towards a third party (including and not limited to direct, indirect, penalty or subsequent loss or damage or any loss of income, profit, positive reputation, data, contracts, use of money or losses or damages arising from and relating in any manner to the termination of a business regardless of whether it is in violation of the law (including without limitation), contract or others) in relation to this website in any sense or in relation to the use, the inability to use or the results from the use of this website, all websites linked to this website or materials from such sites, including but not limited to losses or damages caused by viruses that could infect your computer hardware, software, data or other property either due to your access to, use of or visit to this website or due to a material downloaded from this website or other websites linked to this one.

5. Some provisions of the Bulgarian legislation may not allow for the exclusion or limitation of liability for accidental damages caused. In such cases our liability is limited to the minimum required by the law.

6. Any communication or materials given by you to the website through an e-mail or through other means, including all data, comments, offers, etc. shall be deemed non-confidential and non-copyrighted. www.furnish.bg or its affiliates can use anything and everything that you have given to or posted on the website in any manner. Furthermore, www.furnish.bg is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques from any communication which you have sent to the website in any manner it finds appropriate.

7. The person(s) using the website from other locations of their own free will are liable in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. You do not have the right to use or export materials and information from this website in violation of the Bulgarian laws and regulations.

8. While we strive to provide the availability of this website 24/7, we will not be liable if for any reason this site is unavailable at some time or for a given period. The access to this website may be temporarily terminated without a preceding notice if the system fails, due to maintenance or repairing works resulting from circumstances that are out of our control.

9. All the contents of the website including its logo, design, text, data, illustrations, photos as well as anything else are protected by the copyright law and the regulations relating to it as specified in the Bulgarian legislation as well as in international laws and contracts and it is owned by Furnish BG OOD or third persons providing information like furniture makers, importers, etc. (called “providers” for the sake of briefness) who have allowed the use of their intellectual or industrial properties and have granted the right to advertise their products and services.

The goods and services on this website are limited to the conditions specified for them without providing any guarantees including commercial and target ones. The obligations of Furnish BG OOD in relation to the goods and services offered on this website are managed by the respective agreements with the makers and/or importers and/or distributors of the products presented and nothing on this website can change them.

10. The contents of this website and of the websites owned by the providers are for your PERSONAL use only. You can use data from this website for your personal, noncommercial purposes only and you cannot copy, reproduce, publish or upload the information to other locations as well as use the website’s contents in any other manner (including e-mail or other electronic means) with a commercial or another materially profitable aim without the preliminary written consent of Furnish BG OOD or of its providers. Any use of data or information published on www.furnish.bg in any manner, without obtaining the written consent of Furnish BG OOD first shall be deemed violation of the rights of the website owners.

11. This website may contain links to other websites. These websites are provided for your convenience and information and as such you can use them at your own discretion. The contents of these websites are not related to Furnish BG OOD and we are not responsible for their contents.

ІІ. Policy of personal data protection

Furnish BG OOD values each one of you in your capacity of clients and it takes measures to protect your personal data provided by you while using the website and the company’s services. Regarding this, Furnish BG OOD follows these rules:

when registering on the website or sending inquiries, you voluntarily provide personal data such as name, e-mail, contact address, phone number, etc.
you have the right to access the personal data voluntarily provided by you as well as to change them in order to update them.
you are obliged to keep your entrance data a secret and to be responsible for their use. You are personally responsible for any actions made with your registration data, if there are such. When misuse of your personal data is found out, we ask you to contact the website team immediately. You agree your personal data to be used when processing the orders and services you use through the website.
Furnish BG OOD declares that it will not provide any data on its users to third persons or advertising companies except for instances specified by the law.

B If you lose your password /for a registered user/, you will receive a new password at the e-mail address provided by you.

By using this website, you express your agreement with our policy for personal data protection.

ІII. Additional clauses.

Furnish BG OOD shall not bear any responsibility towards you on the grounds of these General Terms if it is impeded or delayed when performing its duties arising from these General Terms or manages its business under the influence of actions, events, omissions or incidents that are out of its admissible control including strikes or other industrial arguments (whether or not they include the staff of Furnish BG OOD or another party), failure of communal services or transport system, calamities, wars, riots, civil disorders, deliberate damages under any legal or government order, rule, regulation or direction, incident, plant or machinery damage, fire, flood, storm or non-performance of providers or subcontractors.

Any action which you, a third party or Furnish BG OOD undertakes to protect these terms must be reviewed before the Bulgarian court only. If any of these terms is not in compliance with the law, invalid, or cannot be applied for any reason, this term shall be deemed invalid and shall in no manner affect the validity of the other terms.

Each party confirms and agrees that by entering into this agreement, it does not rely on any undertaking, promise, assurance, statement, presentation, guarantee or understanding (whether written or not) from any person (whether party to these General Terms or not) relating to the subject of this agreement, differing from what is explicitly stated in this agreement.

October 2009

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