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Matress Kaspiya Polyflex - Mattresses hover image

Matress Kaspiya Polyflex

Producer: Nani BulgariaType of mattress: one side mattress ORTHOPEDIC, DRYINGMattress height: 18 cm.Load: up to 110kgWarranty of the mattress: 5 yearsFirmness of the mattress:moderately hard..

Mattress Bahama Memory - Mattresses hover image

Mattress Bahama Memory

Producer: Nani BulgariaType of mattress: two sides mattress with 4 comfort zoneMattress height: 28 cm.Load: up to 130kgWarranty of the mattress: 10 yearsFirmness of the mattress: balanced MEMORY FOAM ,ULTRAFLEX HR..

mattress Tirena - Mattresses hover image

mattress Tirena

Tirena is a combination of orthopedic qualities of the high density KOVAFOAM core with the high quality cloth of the leading European producer DESLEE CLAMA. The microcellular structure of the foam allows the air to circulate freely, improves the vent..

mattress Aruba Memory Pocket - Mattresses hover image

mattress Aruba Memory Pocket

An incredible combination of the qualities of POCKET SPRING, ULTRAFLEX HR and MEMORY FOAM (4 cm.)The core is one sided, multi zoned –from individually packed springs in a pocket from non-woven textile, held together by an elastic bond, with a stabili..

mattress Ergonomico - Mattresses hover image

mattress Ergonomico

Mattress ERGONOMICO is made of special core flexible Eliocel with molecular structure which allows the air to circulate. Perfectly adjusts to the specifics of human body and is with medium orthopedic effect.100% cotton fabricAntibacterial and antial..

mattress Naturcomfort deluxe - Mattresses hover image

mattress Naturcomfort deluxe

Thickness 30 cm Ensures affordable luxury; Combines the comfort of Memory Foam® and the healthy care of the textile Lenpur® - specially cultivated wood fibres, weaved into the textile;Upper layer Memory Foam®, embraces the body and reduces the spinni..

Children mattress Lux - Mattresses hover image

Children mattress Lux

The characteristics of the NANNY children mattresses are complied with the requirements of the growing organism. A combination of the orthopedic qualities of the ULTRAFLEX HR core and the cover with a cloth made of ecological safe and natural materia..

Top mattress 8 cm - Mattresses hover image

Top mattress 8 cm

It creates an additional comfort to every new or old, but uncomfortable mattress replacing the old one. A combination of the good orthopedic characteristics of the high density KOVAFOAM core and the luxurious and soft textile of DESLEE CLAMA.A matt..

Waterproof mattress protector - Mattresses hover image

Waterproof mattress protector

The protector prevents the mattress from the infiltration of moisture and pollution.Waterproof textile Quilted antibacterial thermal fiber and high quality cotton cloth. Protects and prevents the mattress from the infiltration of moisture and polluti..

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