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Thе website www.furnish.bg has a specialized focus, namely the sale of furniture, household appliances, accessories and other goods via the Internet according to the customer's individual order. All prices shown on this site include VAT and do not include shipping costs!

Payment methods:

  • By Bank transfer; Using this option, customers have 48 hours to pay for their orders through bank account.
  • In cash at our office in Varna, Ivan Vazov str. 37.
  • Cash on delivery when delivered by the courier. You can use this method if the total value of your orders does not exceed BGN 300.

Please note:

  • Furnish BG Ltd. reserves the right to change prices without prior notification to its users, as well as to correct incorrect technical and other parameters of the goods.
  • Typographical errors, differences in the color rendering of the user's computer configuration, as well as product design changes are possible.
  • All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
  • The content of this site may not be reproduced or displayed without the written consent of Furnish BG Ltd.
  • Furnish BG Ltd. has the right at any time, without notifying the customer when they are using the services, to terminate, suspend or change the services provided.
  • Furnish BG Ltd. is not liable towards users and third parties for damages suffered and lost benefits, which occurred as a result of the termination, suspension, change or limitation of services and goods, deletion, modification, loss, unreliability, inaccuracy, or incompleteness of messages, materials or information , transferred, used, recorded or made available through Furnish BG Ltd.