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Custom made kitchens

We will create your kitchen as you imagine it. Let us know your ideas and together we will build the dream kitchen.
We guarantee quality and precision down to the smallest detail. And here are the main steps in making a custom kitchen:

1. Consultation with a designer
Contact us and share your ideas and wishes.

2. Preparation of 3D Projects
We will make for you a 3D visualization of your project, for a better idea in detail.

3. Production
contract We will make a contract for the production of your kitchen, which is understandable and fulfilled for both parties.

4. Delivery and installation
We will deliver and install your kitchen quickly and efficiently.

What do we offer you?

Bet on guaranteed quality and style. We at Furnish BG always offer you the best interior solutions and furniture for your home. Specially selected by our designers, each of our kitchens is characterized by impeccable quality and design. Stylish and functional, they could fit perfectly in any room. It all depends on you and your preferences!

All models in this category are designed and manufactured by us. We hope you will be able to find your new kitchen with us! For those who are looking for something different, we are available to fulfill your fantasies and ideas.

We offer kitchens on an individual project of MDF, chipboard, hotplates, technical stone countertops, granite countertops and sinks, colored and printed glass. These are just a few of the many materials you can choose from.

To prepare a project or price offer, please contact our consultants by phone: 052/68 55 68 or send an inquiry by email: info@furnish.bg