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Warranty terms

About the goods offered at the Furnish.bg store:

- The warranty for cabinet furniture and kitchens manufactured by Furnish BG Ltd. is 24 months from the date of installation of the products. For more information, contact our consultant.

- For products that are not manufactured by Furnish BG Ltd., but are purchased, delivered and installed by its representatives, the company is only committed to assisting in the identification and removal of defects within the warranty period of the respective products according to the manufacturer's conditions, namely (tables, chairs, upholstered furniture, lighting, mattresses, beds, accessories, etc.)

- The warranty covers defects in the materials and workmanship of the components that make up the furniture.

- The warranty is valid only when the products are used at home and under normal operating conditions.

- The warranty does not apply to items that have been improperly stored or assembled, used for purposes other than those intended or in the usual way, cleaned in an inappropriate manner or with inappropriate detergents.

- The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, injury or scratching, lightening of the materials from sunlight or other light and heat sources, as well as damage caused by mechanical impact or other external impact.

- The warranty does not apply if the products are used outdoors or in damp rooms.

- The warranty does not cover accidental or intentional damage.

- The right of complaint may NOT be exercised if the User does not deliver the product in its entirety.

- Furnish BG reserves the right to assess the claim. Upon approval of the claim and its entry, Furnish BG has a 30-day period to repair or replace it with an analogous product.

- The user cannot claim a refund of the amount paid or a deduction from the price of another, more expensive product.

- Furnish BG bears the costs of repairing or replacing the defective goods, excluding transport costs.

- The guarantee is valid under the following conditions:

    1. Presentation of the Record of Acceptance and invoices for full (100%) payment of the ordered furniture, together with a completed and stamped warranty     card.
    2. If all the manufacturer's instructions regarding the maintenance of the furniture / product have been followed.
    3. The product has been installed as intended and the manufacturer's instructions for proper operation have been followed.
    4. The complaint can be established and accepted only after an inspection of the furniture/product, carried out by a representative of the manufacturer -     Furnish BG Ltd.
    5. When the defects are removed, the manufacturer's representative will consider whether the product should be repaired or replaced with a new one. He     also determines the period in which the repair or replacement will be carried out, depending on the complexity and other factors.

Return and exchange of goods:
The option to refuse an order, return or exchange does NOT apply to goods made to order and clearly personalized with a choice of color, material or dimensions. For example: tables, chairs, upholstered furniture, sideboards and all types of cabinet furniture.

For more information about warranty conditions or in case of a problem, contact our consultant:

Date: 2020
Furnish BG Ltd