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Furniture and interior design

We at Furnish BG offer you the specialized Home Design service, because we are aware that creating a cozy and beautiful home is one of the most serious investments in our lives. Our team of designers has a long professional experience in the creation and implementation of projects of varying complexity - from standard interiors to luxury elite properties.

It doesn't matter which city of Bulgaria you are in or whether you live outside Bulgaria, everything can be coordinated and organized remotely.

Of course, our team will visit and inspect your property, the exact dimensions will be taken and a thorough inspection and consultation will be made, but if this is not possible, it is enough to provide us with the following information:


Photos of the object


Architectural plan with dimensions


A brief description of your wishes and needs

Also, we offer you the interior design service called Home Design to help you and consult with you. The interior design for apartments, homes or hotels is not limited to the selection of expensive and luxurious furniture and decoration.

Our prices are affordable and in return you will get a realistic representation of the vision created by us. Our designed furniture is always executable and tailored to your budget. In our projects we use real furniture, accessories, lighting and textiles that can be purchased and make the picture a reality.  Finally, we always finish our projects with an accurate price offer including all repairs, furniture, accents, decorations deliveries and installation services. So you will know what the budget for the implementation of the project is and you will be able to adjust it if you decide.

What we do:

1) Research and consulting: Consultation with our experts and establishment of an initial conceptual interior design according to your wishes, requirements and restrictions of the premises.

Visit on site and measuring the exact dimensions of the premises

The on-site visit and measurements are for free!

2) 3D interior visualization: Professional visualization of interiors, furniture, products, 3D modeling and rendering. It is important to see how will the interior look  so you can change what you don't like. That will save you time and mistakes.

3) Evaluation/Project Costing: Design of projects with a predefined budget or of a project in accordance with your individual desires and its evaluation. Flexible options for budget reducing and achieving optimal solutions.

4) Implementation of projects.

Planning, organization and implementation on time are our trademark, our goal and company motto!


The price is determined depending on the amount of services included in the project. There are mandatory minimum services, without which a project can not be prepared. Prices depend on:

  • The area of the site;
  • Whether library furniture (already built in 3D) will be used or 3D models of furniture will be built;
  • Design style - modern clean, classic, retro, eclectic and more. ;
  • Other individual parameters depending on the features of the project.


44-60 BGN/sq.m.

modern, classic and country interior

Architectural shooting and viewing

2D functional plan-distribution of the room with the furniture

Building a conceptual concept of the interior

Selection of materials and colors

Individual modeling of objects / furniture from the interior in 3D visualizations

Complete 3D visualization of the premises of 3D Studio MAX


70-85 BGN/sq.m.

modern, classic and country interior

Everything included in Basic Level

Working drawings with Quantitative accounts of the required materials

Price offers for the realization of the project (construction and repair services, appliances and furniture)

 For additional 3D visualizations and new options: + 12 BGN/sq.m
 Adjustments at the request of the client - price and term are discussed further
 The deadline for each project is very individual and is determined by the complexity of the project, the number of corrections and the time required to communicate with the client, as well as other factors on which the work of the designer would depend.
 The minimum time for making complete 3D visualizations for a one-bedroom apartment is 30 calendar days. The time for preparation of Basic technical documentation - description of furniture, materials, drawings is not included. The time for coordination, approval of the different phases, for making changes at the request of the client is not included.
 Minimum area for calculation of a one-bedroom apartment - 55 sq.m.
Minimum area for calculation of studios (one-bedroom apartments) - 35 sq.m.


50 BGN/sq.m

average price

This service is not included in the price of the Design and is offered at the request of the client. It is calculated on an hourly basis and depends on the size and complexity of the project. The price does not include the transport costs of the engaged person, if the site is outside the city.

It is a periodic control by the designer over the executive companies whether they comply with the project, as well as the resolution of cases in the process of work. Visits to the site are made after the start of construction works. In this case, the client manages the project implementation processes and is responsible for compliance with deadlines and quality.

60 BGN/sq.m.

average price

The price is specified individually according to the size and complexity of the project.

The service includes ordering construction materials, furniture and mediation between the builder, customer and suppliers. The schedule is strictly followed and all deliveries and installations are organized. If time is precious to you and you want to trust professionals, with us you will get complete project management. The task of implementing and completing the project is transferred entirely to our studio.
1. Interior of bathrooms up to 5 sq.m - 300 BGN
Includes 3D visualization, bill of quantities, specification for the purchase of tiles and equipment, drawing with the ways of arranging tiles. Each subsequent option tile combination – 60 BGN.

2. Design and 3D visualization of the kitchen: starting 240 BGN. The price is according to the complexity and size;

3. WORKING PROJECT complete – starting 24 BGN/sq.m and includes:

- Flooring: quantities, methods of arrangement, type of sills, models and prices.

- Facing walls: type and colors, quantities, methods of laying and other details

- Sofit-ceiling plan: drawing of the suspended ceiling with exact dimensions, positions of the hidden lighting and other types of lighting, type of bulbs and light, specification of the lamps.

- EL. Plan: positions of new sockets and switches, positions of lighting and circuits, specification of lighting and prices.

- Plumbing plan: adjustments of pipes and sewers / new items.

- Plan of bathrooms: drawing with the ways of laying faience and terracotta, items of equipment, quantity and value account for the materials used.

- Unfolding walls: indicate the exact positions with the dimensions of the furniture, cladding, lighting and wall decorations.

- Drawings of custom-made cabinet furniture

4. Lighting plan – 3,6 - 4,8 BGN/sq.m.

5. Inspection and Architectural survey of the site – 2,4 BGN/sq.m.

6. Detailed plan of the property with furniture – 2,4 -6 BGN/sq.m.

7. Budgeting of furniture and repair activities with offers from subcontractors - 4-6 BGN/sq.m.

8. Electrical installation plan:  4.8 BGN/sq.m. With VAT

9. One-time consultation with a designer, choice of colors and style for the interior - starting 100 BGN (up to 2 hours)

10. Next meetings and consultations with a designer + a tour of shops - starting 120 BGN per hour

** It is very important that you think carefully about what you need and give us precise terms of reference. This will speed up the work process, reduce the number and time for repairs, reduce the likelihood of disagreements and misunderstandings and determine the price as correctly as possible from the beginning.


We know the whole process in detail

We work with proven specialists

We have many years of experience

We use quality materials

We give a guarantee

We plan and work on schedule

We value your time and money

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