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3D Visualization

What is a 3D rendering?

In its simplest form, rendering is a term from computer graphics which describes the process of imaging, visualization, or creation of models with the help of a computer 3D program. 3D rendering provides realistic presentations of pictures, scenes, or in your case, a visualization of your home by capturing the elements in a thought-provoking sense of charm. It illustrates the build out of walls, furniture, traffic flow as well as spatial relationship and the overall layout. Nowadays the capabilities of 3D visualization allow every idea to be materialized. It's no longer necessary to draw schemes and to put all of your imagination into your new project. With 3D design, it's easy to see how your home will look after the complete makeover.

Furnish BG tends to offer all its clients professionaly made 3D projects. 3D visualization will help you get the best solution for your home and visualize any change or idea you have about it. This can be helpful in a lot of situations - inserting of a new piece of furniture to your current interior or complete furnishing and decoration of your house. The 3D visualization allows you to experiment with different ideas and select the one that suits you the most and which best meets your individual taste and requirements. You can experiment with different arrangements of furniture and colors to choose the most functional solution.

Benefits of 3D on project planning

The benefits of 3D rendering can be felt even in the initial stages of project planning. As designers begin to plan partitions, finishes, and furniture layouts, they can simultaneously model the project to see how finishes can create the touch the client wants, or how furniture will fit into a given space. These renderings can also help to identify flaws which might otherwise be overlooked through the conventional 2D approach. Once recognized, these flaws can be discussed with the client and corrected before the construction work begins.

3D renderings are very useful in testing the right finish. For example, a designer can test out several paint colors to determine the one that suits the client's style without lifting a paintbrush or providing a mock-up.

Putting all these benefits into considerations, it is hard to refute that 3D rendering is the technology of the future. It is more realistic, cheaper, less time consuming and puts your company in line with the industry trends. The advancement of digital renderings has not reached its zenith, and with time, we will see more digital renderings in the field of design.

That's why we work with the best professionals in the industry and we are ready to fulfill each and every one of your whims.We are always keen to keep up with the new trends in order to provide our knowledge to you.

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