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Interior project Via Bulgaria

Interior project Via Bulgaria

The shown project is of a new apartment in a modern building in the city of Sofia, consisting of a living room with a kitchen, a spacious corridor, 2 bedrooms, a closet-wardrobe and 2 bathrooms. Total 80 sq.m.

The apartment is according to BDS, i.e. plaster walls, without flooring and doors; without suspended ceilings and lighting; plaster sanitary facilities,
The interior is modern with quality materials, furniture and lighting. The materials used for furniture are high class - chipboard and MDF with the most up-to-date decors and coatings.
Sample Budget for the overall implementation of the project:
  1. Turnkey renovation works (labor and materials): - BGN 60,000
  2. Floors and granite tiles for bathrooms; sanitary equipment. premises - 16,000  BGN
  3. Doors 4 pcs. (middle class) - BGN 4,000.
  4. Floors - three-layer parquet and baseboards - BGN 8,500.
  5. Lighting (complete) - BGN 5,000.
  6. Furniture ( overall) - BGN 60,000.
  7. Kitchen appliances (middle class) - BGN 8,000.

Total: BGN 161,500

*Prices are current as of 08/2023

Preparing a budget for the realization of the home is very useful and can help you plan your expenses as well as decide in which materials or furniture to invest more money and for which you can choose more profitable offers.

Our team of professionals is available to offer you, in addition to the preparation of such budgets, as well as a complete management and project implementation supervision, which would save you a lot of time, unforeseen errors and costs.

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Two-bedroom apartment, complex Via Bulgaria Sofia/2023


Living room


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Option 2




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