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Three interesting design of coffee tables

Three interesting design of coffee tables

If you have recently renovated or you are about to renovate the interior, you definitely need new furniture. But do you know where to start? Often people are mistaken and even before the project is ready they have bought some of the furniture. Thus, it is possible to get a mismatch in the styles of the different elements and to overshadow some of them. We recommend that you do not rush! Especially when it comes to choosing a coffee table. It is an indispensable part of the interior and is often the center of the living room. Therefore, it should stand out and not be chosen lightly. In this article we will present you three interesting ideas for coffee tables. We have focused on non-standard shapes and their uniqueness. In addition, do not forget that we at Furnish BG make custom furniture. Do not hesitate to contact us if you like any of the models.
Earth forms

Inspired by nature. These side tables stand out with the natural color of the wood and the clearly visible circles. Combined with glass, they would look good in any living room.

Natural and supernatural

These coffee tables impress with the combination of glass and supernatural shapes.

Minimalism, geometry, markets

These tables are inspired by the minimalist design style. They combine white and a sense of minimalism. In addition, geometric shapes and markets are included to create additional space. Be it for placing books, newspapers or a place for children to play.

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