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The kitchens in Bulgaria – mobile, stylish and comfortable

The kitchens in Bulgaria – mobile, stylish and comfortable

It’s a certain fact that the kitchen is one of the places where we spend most of our time at home, trying to culinary pieces of art. This is why the kitchen area should meet lots of requirements – to be practical and functional, stylish and elegant and to radiate coziness and home like atmosphere.

We’re suggesting you several kitchen compositions which will make your kitchen mobile, stylish and comfortable.

The actual tendencies are putting the accent on striking color compositions, of one or several combined nuances as well as combination of oval and rectangular shapes

We present you a composition of thick cupboards and drawers, shelves and glass cupboard doors. Such composition gives an impression of originality and esthetics of the kitchen plan and you can shape according to your own preferences all the kitchen accessories.

A functional solution is to choose a cupboard which has doors with sliding mechanism and has shelves designed according to your own needs using metal brackets to redesign the space when necessary.

For the mobility of the kitchen plan it is possible to design a mobile little table which you can use when need additional space and keep closed with a sliding mechanism, when not necessary. Even more you can combine it with a sliding cupboard which is movable as well.

Another very much appreciated element is the dividing bracket applied inside the kitchen drawer. This gives you the opportunity to shape it with the dimension of each crockery set so that it stays steady every time you open the drawer.

Choosing such an interesting composition you will create and elegant and stylish kitchen area as at the same time it will be functional and comfortable solution for this room.

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