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Our recently completed project

Our recently completed project

At the end of September 2007 Furnish BG completed the latest project - Sunset Residential complex in Kosharitza.

Located on the eastern side of the Balkans, near by the village of Kosharitza, Sunset Complex offers quick and easy access to the resorts of Nessebar and Sunny Beach (10 min drive). The complex consists of two five storey juxtaposed buildings, offering a vast choice of flats, one and two-bedroom apartments. The elegant architectural solutions are additionally enhanced by the original interior solutions, developed by Furnish BG.

Sunset Residential Complex is a summer vacation resort. The furnishing solutions consist of plain furniture with clean straight lines and soft aerial fabric, while materials such as glass or metal lend the area the necessary coolness. Especially designed Sunset Complex, all the interior solutions are in full conformity with the property management and tour operators’ renting requirements.

The global interior of the complex is defined by five different furniture packages. Please allow us to introduce them to you.

Marine Light induces a marine atmosphere, giving priority to the free spaces. The soft colors of the corps furniture – Walnut Avignon, which adds a feeling of quietness is well supplemented by the softness of the fabric. The tables are made of glass and metal, in line with the package’s concept. The picture reproductions, lights and decorations, carefully chosen by our designers, come as a “touch finale” of the whole interior solution.

Deep Kiwi tends to inspire a more exotic sensation. The corps furniture combines Cremona oak and Wenge Ferrara, creating a more dazzling contrast and density. The light green shades and the clean straight lines, add freshness to the solution, giving it the necessary exotic air.

The remaining three packages reflect the clients’ personal preferences. Mountain Cranberry includes some eccentric and colorful furnishings, revealing the passionate true nature of the owner.

Orchid leans towards brown, beige and aureate shades, cream-coloures, light and unostentatious furnishings, tending to create additional softness and smoothness.

Lapis-Lazuli is a definite combination of light shaded Cremona oak furnishings and some dark blue furnishings and fabrics, creating a feeling of cleanliness.

Furnish BG will not just provide you with some amazing furnishings, but with amazing atmosphere.

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