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seven ideas for halloween

seven ideas for halloween

Get ready to transform your home on the Eve of Halloween, with several ideas for handmade decorations for this holiday.

Brighten your porch or front door

Decorate your porch to contribute to the festive mood of all children, coming for "Treat or Trick" with beautifully decorated candles - glass vases with yellow corn grains and thick orange candles.

Cats - guardians of the home on Halloween Night

Turn a black sheet of plywood into graceful black cat, who will guard the home on Halloween Night. Add yellow eyes in the form of moons that will make your cat looks like real one.

Lighting - type "Pumpkin lantern"

The cylindrical glass vases, with sprinkled sand and small candles on the bottom, are great decoration for any porch or room. Decorate them with eyes and mouths in different shapes, cut from black paper.

Pumpkins, that look like black cats

What a fun and memorable of pumpkins like black cats with big mustache and red noses, looking with watchful eyes every guest on the Night of Halloween. That would be a great decoration that can be put in bigger spaces, along with other decorations such as flowers, autumn fruits or leaves.

Small charming pumpkins,peeking furtively

Children would be glad if you decorate the table before dinner with various items such as cups, pots, planters and others and small, cute peeking pumpkins, decorated with eyes, giving them more real look.

Wreath - type “mini pumpkins”

This wreath, hanging on your front door is a great choice for holiday decoration, because it is in traditional orange colors and is made of tiny pumpkins, raising interest both children and adults.

Bats cut from paper

Beautiful decoration such as black bats, sewn onto your favorite coffee pads or hanging on the lights are very original idea, because they look stylish and are in harmony with the holiday.


Today, we introduced you several creative ideas for Halloween decorations that you can use to really bring the spirit of the holiday. Easy and hand-made decorations, which will impress your guests!


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