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School Room Furnishing

School Room Furnishing

With the beginning of the school year also begin all the feverish preparations for the purchases of textbooks, exercise books, school supplies, uniforms and new clothes, as well as the dilemma about who takes the child to school... But among all other things one must not forget that the organization of the child's room is also very important, especially if the child is about to take their first steps in school and is yet to become a student.

If your child is about to experience all the ups and downs of first grade, it is necessary to optimally organize the space in their room, so that it is possible for your son or daughter not only to sleep and play there, but also to study. Your child now needs their own personal little office.

Therefore, besides the mandatory furniture like bed, wardrobe and shelves, your child will also need a special area to study and write homework. In order to do this, you need to select a comfortable desk and a chair, as well as to position them in the sunniest area of the room - usually near the window. The good old shelves which used to be inhabited by toys can now be transformed into book shelves where materials for school can be kept. If placed on the wall they save space, which would otherwise be occupied by study cupboards. It is essential that enough free space is left after the desk is placed in the room. Therefore it is not necessary to buy massive and heavy desks, which occupy a large part of the room. A simple desk which satisfied the needs of your child and brings them comfort while studying is more than enough. If the desk is convertible and you are able to put it away after studying, this will further optimize the space.

Thanks to all the innovations in furniture various solutions for the school room interior can be found – solutions which both contain all the necessary furniture and leave free space even in the smallest room. You can choose between different kinds of high position beds in order to optimize the space, as under such a bed you can put a cupboard, a wardrobe or desk. There are desks with falling or retractable tops; convertible beds which can be put away during the day; etc.

Experts advise that the choice of the student room colors is made carefully in order to comply with the individuality of the child. If your son or daughter is balanced and calm, bright colors like orange, yellow and red are appropriate and will raise their spirit. For the more active and energetic children cool colors like blue and green are better because they have a calming effect and will keep your child focused.

Our team can create for you an individual student room project in accordance to your wishes and those of your child, as well as with the size of the room. We will offer you the most optimal solution so as to satisfy all the child needs and to optimize the space of the room.

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