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Lighting for every room

Lighting for every room

Each room in your home is different and has different lighting requirements. Some rooms, such as the kitchen and laundry room, need light that is even and does not emit heat. This means that the type of luminaires, the intensity of the light and the location of the luminaires must be chosen according to the room you are renovating.

Not sure what is the best lighting for your home? In this article we will help you get the light to every room.

Most kitchens, especially larger ones, need several types of lighting. For complete lighting, you can use lighting fixtures or ceilings to place on the ceiling. It is important to illuminate well the kitchen counter and all work areas in the kitchen. This can be achieved with moons, LED panels or fluorescent lamps.

Rail lighting systems are often used in shopping malls. But in 2021 they were transferred to our home as a current trend for lighting in the kitchen.

This system is an interesting alternative to the familiar moons and LED panels. Its biggest advantage is that it allows the lamps to move freely on the slats. This is extremely convenient and allows you to adjust the angle and direction of the light yourself.

Eco style is a trend that is perhaps the most preferred in 2021. She conquered not only the design of the furniture, but also the lighting of the kitchen. More and more people sought contact with nature and chose boho and Scandinavian lighting.

Earth tones, natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, marble, granite and concrete.

And do you like lighting made of natural materials?

The dining room and living room are the rooms where you will spend the most time with your family and loved ones. This means that darkened rooms are not the best choice. Bet as much as possible on natural light, complemented by warm-colored lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

Hanging lamps are in vogue in the dining room in 2021. The shape, details and colors change according to the style of the interior of your home. Thus, in the industrial style, the latest models combine metal, wood and light bulb. They fit perfectly over the dining table or sofa in the living room.

Another interesting trend is the spider-type chandeliers. They also fit perfectly into the industrial style of furniture. Their advantage is that even the bulbs give a unique character to the lighting. Thus, by changing the type of light, you can make a radical change in the atmosphere. This type of populus is not suitable for small spaces.

The bedroom is your special place to relax and sleep. The light here should not be too bright and strong. It should be soft and conducive to relaxation. We advise you to place lighting fixtures in several places, distributing them evenly.

For the bedroom, current lighting trends add a playful accent. The lamps have a geometric shape, reminiscent of the 70s and a favorite art deco style.

On the market you can find different shapes and colors, according to your preferences. Bet on delicate shapes in earthy colors if you prefer minimalism. Or add a lamp with a rounded shape that will bring elegance to your interior.

Improper lighting in the bathroom can be not only unpleasant but also dangerous. Avoid lights pointing down at the mirror, as they will cast unwanted shadows. Place lighting fixtures like sconces on both sides of the mirror. Neutral white light is best for ceiling lights because it will give you the visibility you need.

Surprisingly, in 2021, the universal ceiling lights were the most popular. They fit the needs not only of the bathroom, but also of the corridor. What is special about them is that they are placed tightly on the ceiling and so the light reaches the darkest corner of the room.

Corridors are often the most neglected when it comes to choosing lighting. Here we recommend you to choose white light because of its stimulating effect. This way she will inspire you every time you go to work.

Need help choosing lighting fixtures? Trust the Furnish BG team. Contact us at: 0898 516 123 and we will give you professional advice.

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