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Current Trends in Furnishing and Interior Design

Current Trends in Furnishing and Interior Design

In the modern trends of decoration and furnishings, in order to achieve a truly modern and stylish home, you need to put a few key things: simplicity in the interior, free space and functionality.

Simplicity in the interior

According to contemporary interior design, the current trends involve clean lines, neutral colors and dominating geometric shapes - all this in the most simple style, which doesn't necessary mean boring. If you manage to mix the right combination of space, colors, fabrics and accessories, as well as a small dose of imagination, you can achieve a modern and comfortable home. The simplifying of the interior actually seeks to escape from the familiar clutter of the space with furniture and lots of unnecessary items. The basic idea is in the use of multi functional furniture that is optimally positioned in the room so as to leave enough free space; in the limiting the number of accessories and other items that we tend to store in our daily life; in the use of neutral colors and clean lines.


Functionality is the next mandatory element of the current concept of modern interior design and furnishing. For the different premises this term has different meanings, but the general definition is the easy access to any room from anywhere, as well as the practical and easy-to-use placing or the furniture. For example, the modern design kitchen is fully equipped for cooking, serving, etc. and everything is arranged in a way that the hostess or host don't have to stretch upwards or to search for the item or utensil for a long time.

Postmodernism in the interior

Ergonomic furniture are the main part of the postmodern trend in furniture. It seems that ergonomic furniture is a trend not only in the home interior, but also in the office furnishing. The combination between beautiful design and maximum comfort is vital for this type of furniture. In the postmodern interior art furniture plays a crucial role. Usually the form dominates over function and in order to prove this, postmodern furniture includes unique designs as pop art motifs and other whimsical themes. Often art furniture looks more like a sculpture or an art piece, rather than like a functional piece of furniture on which you can comfortably sit, for example. Pop art style furniture is characterized with clean geometric shapes and interesting angles. The most important aspect of the postmodernism trend is functionality, minimalism in the use of materials and decorative elements, or in the use of retro ideas.

Fashion Trends in Furniture: - Upholstered furniture in bright colors - neutral colors in the fabrics are replaced by the bright colors that would add a color accent to your living room. - Corner Sofas - they remain a modern and stylish item of the furnishing of the living room. The modern combination of black and white will bring extraordinary style to your interior.

- Module furniture – various types of multi functional furniture which can be modified in accordance with your individual requirements and the limitations of space. - The "Green" trend in the furnishing continues with natural and ecologically clean furniture. - The Grey color - in its various shades, gray brings a sense of style and elegance, as well as good harmony in an interior with dominating white or black colors.
- Retro furniture – the return to furniture from past ages still remains modern, and with the help of some little tricks, this furniture receives a new and modern face. - Bohemian-style - with the more and more clear tendencies in the furniture the bright fabrics in Bohemian style come with an emphasys on the simplicity of the room.

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