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Know-How to entertain

Know-How to entertain

Times are changing, things get blurred, and “fusion” has become more than just a concept : we have fusion of generations, fusion of cultures, fusion cuisine, fusion music. Now we finally have the Fusion table.

For years, dining tables have been an object of design. They come in all shapes, materials and styles but they all remain basically mono-functional serving as a dining table only.

People however have changed dramatically. Well designed products are still a must but people increasingly look for emotional value. They don’t just buy nice products : they look for good times, passion, emotions, moments to remember.

That’s why in this computer age, the new trend of lounging and cocooning at home, sharing memorable moments with your family or friends in a relaxed way and in the comfort & coziness on one’s home, has become important to balance our lives.

When it comes to family home entertainment, the Fusion table has everything needed to create those unique memorable moments to share. Convertible in just seconds, the Fusion table transforms a design dining table in a high quality billiard or game table. Created by Aramith, long-time leading manufacturer in the billiard industry, the Fusion dining table innovates by adding multi-functionality as it combines a dining table, a pool table and a game table all in one. As such Fusion dining pool tables add new and exciting dimensions to entertainment and the dining room.

Today, a good product is not just about great design, it’s about life, it’s about people and it needs to address their need for good times and precious moments. Bringing emotional value and quality time is the key characteristic of the Fusion tables. Built with “Know-How” to entertain, the Fusion tables have indeed exactly what it takes to surprise and create those unique, exiting and memorable moments for you, your family and guests.

So after dinner, open up the table and play a game of pool with the after-dinner drinks. Billiards is one of the only games that can bring together and entertain young and old, male and female, friends and neighbors.

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