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Inspiring ideas for kitchen

Inspiring ideas for kitchen

Kitchen in the modern home sins long time ago is not just a working area for the housewife. From the most negligent part of the home it turned into one of the main accents of the home interior. The contemporary architectural decisions the kitchen is usually connected with dining room as the tendency is the home to be arranged as one big space. The separation by doors in to functionally different rooms is to be avoided as much as possible. Traditional decision for transition is kitchen bar or kitchen island. Rarely used option is movable screen and the simplest way of transition is a color separation of the two rooms.

Sometimes, people talk about kitchen as for the soul of the house. It is the place dedicated to the health, comfort and daily certainty, because there it is where the food is to be washed, prepared and preserved. Kitchen is the place that joins all the dwellers together and keeps the love and understanding, patience and support amongest them.

We would like to present to you five inspiring ideas for kitchen. Remember, the most important thing while furnishing your kitchen as well as the rest of your home is that interior fits your life style, so that you could feel, that your home harmonizes to your personality. To feel comfortably FURNISH IN STYLE.

Cinnamon Dream
Organized around a middle situated block, where there is a “built in” oven and a worktop for preparing food. The accessories are Inox maid and support the modern vision of the kitchen. Traditionally the kitchen takes the main central space of the home and this is why it is organized around a middle situated block, where there is a “built in” oven and a worktop for preparing food.

Modern Dream
Pure basic shapes and a lot of glass. In this kitchen everything lays at its own place, no unnecessary appliances which you wouldn’t use for years. It looks peaceful and neat, as if it holds the beauty and purity of a lily flower. The design is simple, the idea is that nothing stops the look.

Red Dream
Only confident ladies would dare to combine red and yellow in their kitchen. This is the place we’re not only eating our food but we chatter with friends , spending time with family or having family celebrations. It’s interesting to know that red color increases the appetite and yellow attracts light and creates devotion this fact had been proven by the scientists.

Retro Dream
Idealistic idea about the rustic kitchen. Elegant a little bit dark. Material of which the cabinets are made is wood darkened with the time combined with all the modern kitchen appliances. The brightest memories from the childhood are about our grandmother’s kitchen her jam and the family diners which are bringing us back the sense of nice melancholic atmosphere.

Business Dream
In a kitchen like this it will excellently fit successful business man, who still didn’t have his own family nest. The combination between light and dark wood and inox are creating an extremely elegant atmosphere. Every modern woman would fall in love with a kitchen like this as well as with the man that owns it. This is a kitchen for those who are attracted to the modern technologies, interior decisions and materials.

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