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Feng Shui is an ancient art for arranging the space around us.

Feng Shui is an ancient art for arranging the space around us.

Feng Shui is an ancient art for arranging the space around us and a method for managing the environment – home office, public places.

Literally “Feng Shui” means –“Wind and water” According to it we can organize the best place for everything around us, best color , best shape and materials for each one of us.

In the ancient times Feng Shui was kept in deep secret as a secret science discipline used to provide health, wealth, and happiness to the Imperator’s dynasties in China.

Here we would like to introduce you some of the magical ancient knowledge:

%LIMG1%Colour: The different shades of colour can uplift or depress you. Colour has different vibrations and each colour of the rainbow has a purpose and a time to be used. Colors we choose affect the feel of our atomsphere. Dark colors create a cool and peaceful place, while really bright colors will enliven a space. Blue is great for bedrooms since it represents rest. Offices would definitely want to stay away from blue to keep workers from wanting to take naps. Red is a lucky color and is the color of blood and life.

1. Red: a strong colour that is great to keep you going. A good colour for a dining room to keep guests energized and excited. Not a good colour for the bedroom unless you desire lots of passion.

2. Orange: a happy colour that is refreshing and revitalizing. Good for kitchens and playrooms. Softer shades for family rooms where you want a place for fun and relaxing.

3. Green: a healing and calming colour. Great for living rooms and bedrooms. It renews us and keeps us in balance.

4. Blue: a healing and mentally relaxing colour. Good to bring blue into a room when someone is ill. Also good to keep the occupants calm and relaxed.

5. Indigo: a relaxing colour. Good for kids and to keep health in the home.

6. Purple: a colour of richness and transformation. Great for spiritual rooms and to splash around the home for wealth and abundance.

%LIMG2%Light: Lighting is best brought into the home by natural sunlight. Placement of good quality lighting can uplift or calm an area. Bright lights keeps the room full of movement and activity. To quiet an area invite yin energy into the home. Yin energy is a softer and lower lighting, that induces calmness and low activity. A great way to play with your lighting is to introduce dimmers on your light switches. This allows you to change the feel of the room with a switch.

Pictures/Objects: Homes are filled with artwork. What does your artwork say about you? If you want a relationship, look around at all your art and decorative objects and figure out what they are saying? Place art around the home that is in tune to what you want today. Much of our stuff was for yesterday, we need to change our stuff to get new results. If you do not want to get rid of your artwork, take it down for 2-4 weeks and place it in storage. Notice the changes that occur. Place the artwork back. Does your life become stuck again? Remember the old saying; "We are what we see."

%RIMG3%Wood: Wood helps create strength for your foundation. It exudes the expansive energy pattern that works so well here. Furniture, picture frames, books, paneling, and real wood on tree-like plants all contribute to this section of the home. I like using a real tree here because it has real wood on it and symbolizes a "family tree" to me. Just make sure it remains healthy and happy, as you want your family memories to be!

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