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F&Home radio system

F&Home radio system

This is a unique solution for your home, which you can now find with us. F & Home Radio is an intelligent system designed for apartments, single-family homes and commercial premises. It opens new opportunities for the creation of hospitable and practical homes. With its help you will have full control over the way your home works - easily and quickly. And most importantly - wireless and where you are from!

How does the system work?

By integrating special electrical installations, the Smart Home allows you to control lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, alarm systems and access control. Thus, a multifunctional body is formed, which will guarantee the safety and comfort of the people living and working in the respective building. The control can be performed locally, remotely (via tablet, phone or computer) or automatically. Its functionality allows you to program specific settings or so-called scenarios. Thus, upon reaching the conditions specified by you, the system will perform an action. For example, you can set it to turn off the air conditioning system or turn on the lights in the evening when it reaches a certain temperature.

Wireless electronics and a remote control program allow anyone to control the system according to their needs. This means that the devices can be integrated so that you can control them easily and quickly. Another advantage is that the constant connection to the Internet allows you to manage it at any time of the day.

Is the installation expensive?

The system is able to perform almost any function related to the smart home. Its modular design allows you to gradually implement it in your home. The first installation may include only a few components and you may add additional elements over time.

The system is designed for quick installation for both new construction and finished homes. The costs for its implementation are almost the same as for traditional installations. Unlike other systems, it has no unnecessary costs and even increases the value of the investment. Also, its wireless connection significantly reduces the amount of cables and their passage through the walls. For a meeting with a specialist consultant and preparation of an offer, please contact us by phone: 052 685 568 or email: info@furnish.bg

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