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Furnishing of compact holiday apartments

Furnishing of compact holiday apartments

Furnishing small homes is a challenge and a test for the abilities of every designer. Studio apartments are more and more common and enjoy the interest of buyers - both for permanent residence and for rent.

However, their furnishing is not an impossible mission - we at Furnish BG have been doing this successfully for several years. Based on our experience, we want to share with you some key points in the design and furnishing of compact apartments that have proven their effectiveness:

Creating an interior design by a professional designer

It is no coincidence that this is the first step towards the successful implementation of the whole project: there are still people who underestimate the need for the work of a graduate designer - a mistake whose consequences inevitably become apparent in the operation of the home.

When creating the project, many details are taken into account - area and distribution of rooms, exposure, lighting, conclusions of plumbing and electrical installations, purpose of the home and all this - in accordance with the budget and personal preferences of each client. Mistakes in the design of compact homes are corrected at the cost of a lot of nerves and extra effort that you can save if you entrust the design to a designer.

Design and creation of a functional kitchen

When creating a kitchen in compact apartments, it is important to specify what appliances will be needed and sufficient and not to overload them unnecessarily, especially since there is rarely room for them. Many owners of small holiday apartments do not want to install an oven, washing machine or dishwasher - for them it is usually enough to have a refrigerator, hob, extractor and microwave. This not only saves money, but also valuable space. It is also suitable to install corner and other pulling mechanisms that allow maximum use of space.
It is also very functional to place a table as part of the kitchen unit - it can be a standard height or a bar table. Add the appropriate chairs and the dining area is ready. The wall above the table can also be used - we have placed cabinets, shelves, shelves for bottles, even a TV. The use of bright colors and good lighting of the kitchen also visually increases its space.

Functional furniture

The furniture must be practical, suitable for long-term use and easy maintenance, while meeting all the requirements for comfort and aesthetics.

The active season of operation defines the overall direction and atmosphere of the furniture - in summer homes the furniture is more casual, with clean shapes and lighter colors. Interior textiles are light and airy, and the presence of more metal and glass gives the necessary "coolness" to the overall atmosphere. In winter homes, the trend is to use darker colors, wood decors and an atmosphere that creates more warmth - but when the home is small, selection is difficult and the risk of "suffocating" the home and visually shrinking should be avoided. In this case, the main colors are again in the light and pastel range, and the other "winter" decors and colors are rather complementary.

The sofa bed and an important main element of the furniture, complemented by a sofa bed. Small coffee table, complemented by TV section with optimal distribution of cabinets complete the well-furnished living room.

It is appropriate to build built-in wardrobes and cabinets in the existing niches. Usually the entrance hall is also small, and sometimes there is no special one, so there is a wall panel with hangers and a mirror and a small shoe cabinet.

Interior textiles and decorations

In compact homes is not suitable for the use of heavy curtains, upholstery in dark colors and heavy fabrics, as well as placing too many paintings, vases, figurines or other decorations. Most suitable for ethereal and black-out curtains, Roman and roller blinds, fabrics in soft pastel tones, complemented according to the specific interior with bright color accents. Our designers always offer optimal solutions for the interior design of the home with textiles and accessories.

In conclusion, we can add that the design and furnishing of a compact home is a difficult task, but even the smallest space can be furnished functionally, beautifully and comfortably with the help of a designer. We will be happy for you to become one of our satisfied customers and make sure of this first hand.

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