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Color in home interior

Color in home interior

Colors are one of the most expressive means used in the interior. The color range influences the person more than the stylistic features or the location of the furniture. Properly selected color depending on the taste and character of the individual contributes to the mood and gives a positive charge.

Different colors cause a mental reaction and thus affect not only the emotional but also the mental state of man. Perhaps you yourself have noticed how light and good you feel in some poems and uncomfortable in others. Colors play an important role in this. The main condition for a good color scheme of the interior to have harmony in the combination of different colors and shades.

За хората, харесващи покой и уют, е най-добър избора на цветови нюанси на предпочитания цвят или по-светлите му оттенъци. На енергичните натури, водещи интензивен живот, най-много подхождат смели контрастни решения.

Избирайки цветова гама за помещенията е необходимо да се уточнят не само размерите им, но и на коя страна са прозорците, стилът ня обзавеждането и множество други фактори. Нашите дизайнери ще Ви помогнат правилно да изберете цветове за различните стаи на дома си, как да ги съчетаете добре, как да разширите визуално пространството.

White color attracts with its simplicity, purity and sophistication. It creates a feeling of space. Through it and other very light colors the rooms are brightened and expanded, creating an effect of airiness. It is good for interiors in a minimalist style. If it is too much, however, it brings isolation, boredom, disappointment, discomfort, so it is good to be combined with objects in other colors. Not recommended for children's rooms and bedrooms.

The red color also has a strong stimulating effect on the psyche and is therefore often used in rooms where great activity is required - kitchens, gyms, receptions. This is the color of passion, tension, gambling. In the home interior it is better to limit and use in the kitchen (stimulates the appetite) and where you spend a lot of time with us - in the hallways, for example. In the nursery would stimulate children to overactivity, so it is not recommended, it is enough to use as an additional accent to the already chosen primary color.

The yellow color is the most positive of the color spectrum, inspiring joy and optimism, it goes well with other colors. The warm shades of the sun practically do not carry a negative charge. The association with the sun carries its aura, embodies wisdom, imagination, spontaneity. Yellow is indispensable for creating an atmosphere of intellectual work, it gives life to other colors, turning bright colors into dazzling and bringing cool colors back to life. That is why it is a favorite in the home interior, filling the rooms with warmth and light.

Green is a combination of blue and yellow and is traditionally considered the color of peace and harmony. It is believed to have healing and soothing properties, increasing as much as it is muted. The bright green color brings an atmosphere of nature and life, pale green is ideal for secluded corners in the home, bedroom, bathroom. The color green combines humility, sophistication and a sense of purity.

The color purple can be called the color of the mania for greatness. In ancient times, it was so difficult to create and so expensive that only people of the highest class could use it. The purple color symbolizes wealth, extravagance and royalty. This is the color of the mantle of the clergy. It brings drama and sensuality to the interior. It is often used in the interior of bathrooms. Creative natures are believed to love the color purple.

Pink color not only provokes friendliness, but also reduces aggression. It is no coincidence that they say that optimists "look through pink glasses". If red speaks of passion, then pink speaks of tenderness, so it is considered the color of femininity. No matter how hard your day is, if you have pink around you, you will not be able to maintain your aggression.

Brown color - the color of the earth and trees, reminiscent of the fireplace and home and is therefore associated with the idea of comfort. It has been noted that it is especially popular in times of economically unfavorable times. Warm neutral colors are reminiscent of timeless values and inspire confidence that better days are ahead. In the interior of the brown color is seen as an "equalizer", muffling other colors and, as a wood color, suitable for any interior, creating a good casual atmosphere.

Blue is one of the most popular colors and the most popular among the cold colors. Its variants give a feeling of calm, have a refreshing and calming effect. Dark blue is a good color for deep sleep, gives a regal and serious atmosphere to the premises, and light and intense blue - charm.

Gray color - its exact definition is neutrality. He is impartial, formal, elegant and full of dignity. It lacks warmth, which makes it solemn and distant. The interior may look gloomy. Light gray is friendlier, but does not suggest ease. The good use of gray depends on the climate of the home and the exposure of the rooms - it is not suitable for northern and dark rooms where there is not enough natural light. Therefore, you need to decide very well where and how much to use it in your home.

Black is especially good for contrasting and separating other colors. Against a black background, they stand out very expressively. Choosing this color as the main one speaks for an individualist, but in large quantities this color brings a gloomy mood, creates a feeling of lack of air, limitation, tightness. It is better to use it as an amplifying effect of other colors.

Choosing more colors for interior design, know that one of them should prevail. You do not need to choose only warm or only cold colors - to the main warm color, for example, you need to choose details in cold color and vice versa.

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