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The French touch of beaujolais color in the interior

The French touch of beaujolais color in the interior

In the design of the interior design, in addition to traditional colors and their shades, fine and versatile "wine" tones can be used as style-forming, one of which is the shade of Burgundy wines belonging to the ancient brand Beaujolais, a wine produced. in the historic French region of Beaujolais of the "gamay" grape variety.

The elegant dove-blue hue, complemented by glass cups with a red-violet base, distinguish this exquisite wine color. The blue color gives the Beaujolais nobility, emotionality and penetrating depth.

Of course, the bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, require different combinations and proportions when using this active and expressive tone. Somewhere this tone will be a good base, and somewhere it will be suitable only as an element, a small accent, or just as a "light taste of wine".

Such a non-trivial range can be of interest only to those who prefer modern diverse design and bold exclusive solutions. Thanks to the collectible backgrounds, Beaujolais can serve as a background color in the Mediterranean style.

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