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Sunny kitchens in yellow

Sunny kitchens in yellow

Yellow is a shade of sunshine, joy and good mood. It is warm and creates a pleasant feeling of comfort. You can use a variety of shades of yellow in your kitchen, from vanilla to fresh citrus, for more mood and freshness.

Saturated vanilla

The kitchen is almost entirely in a warm yellow hue, which contrasts with the metal surfaces and emphasizes the wood of the flooring. The soft tone allows the kitchen cabinets to extend from floor to ceiling without being too intrusive in character. The countertops are made of dark colored granite, which distinguishes color contrast. The accessories on the surfaces are in brown and beige, so they coordinate with the overall color scheme in the kitchen..

Yellow and light green

Yellow is not the only main tone in this kitchen. It is combined with dark wood in saturated brown shades and light green surfaces. The walls in yellow and the mosaic cladding complement each other and break the monotonous vision of the kitchen. The accent in the interior is not only the color combination, but also the textural details on the kitchen island and kitchen cabinets. The bright yellow kitchen cabinets perfectly match colors such as white, dark brown and green. The kitchen countertop in green and the shades in dark brown of the wood contrast with the white cladding at the bottom of the kitchen walls. The color combination emphasizes the cozy furnishings of the room, which includes kitchen cabinets and shelves on the wall. The light from the small window floods the interior of the kitchen and emphasizes the nature of the yellow and green accents.

Ceramic wall tiles in ocher

The rich tones of brown and ocher are combined with white to create a neutral look, in which the emphasis is on the furniture and not on the colors. The mosaic arrangement of the ceramic tiles with a glossy surface covers the upper part of the walls, and the white details frame the colored surfaces. The kitchen island is in white and muted green, which are combined with the rich brown tones of the flooring and dining chairs. The stylish layout of the furniture is functional and casual, and the two rugs on the flooring are the only accessories on the floor.

Light yellow tones

The dark tones of the wood on the kitchen countertops emphasize the elegance of the soft yellow surfaces with a textural character. Two shades are combined, the darker one being used for the walls of the built-in shelves. Dark accents and textural details give a spectacular look to the kitchen, without kitsch and intrusiveness.

Modern yellow kitchen

This interior is decorated with modern furniture and bright but not kitschy shades. Soft contrasts emphasize the clean lines of the furniture, but without being unpleasant. The modular kitchen cabinets are in yellow and brown, with a light red undertone. The glossy surfaces are combined with matt wood details, with beige and white. The mosaic ceramic tile is the main accent in the kitchen and includes elements in neutral tones and in the main yellow shade for the room. Neutral surfaces in gray and white harmonize the color palette of the room.

Vanilla, white and brown

The standard kitchen impresses not so much with its palette as with color accents. The base of the kitchen is in white and beige, but the yellow kitchen cabinets are a fresh accent in the neutral room. Although in neutral tones, the furniture has an interesting texture and is designed not so much visually as functionally. The cabinet with shelves is used as a partial wall for the separation of sectors, as well as for placing recipe books.

... and a few more ideas for combining yellow.

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