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Wallpaper fever

Wallpaper fever

No more white and one-color walls! The time for colorful and eccentric wallpapers has come again. They were the latest fad in interior design in the late 60's and early 70's and gradually died out as a trend in the late 70's. After almost three decades of calm, the fashion for colored wallpaper is back - more diverse than ever.

Geometric shapes, flowers, imitation of old newspapers, bees, angels, hieroglyphs… Today, everything is allowed to be depicted on wallpaper. Of course, care must be taken not to find four absolutely switchable wallpapers on the four walls. "Why not?" Exclaims Edward Chockins, art director of Wallpaper Mashine, an eccentric design bureau in Soho, London. He and his colleagues design interiors in which the walls are covered with amazing wallpaper. One is in deep purple with black umbrellas falling from the sky like rain, a reference to the work of Rene Magritte. The second is orange with white and yellow flowers, the third - pink with red and white elephants, and the fourth - reseda with inverted snails. How does a person live in such a room "With imagination and taste", Chockins answers. According to him, the mutually exclusive color schemes and figures on the wallpaper create an unexpected coziness in the room. Wallpaper Mashine also offers more classic wallpaper designs in which ocher and brown create an original space reminiscent of the mid-70s.

The fashion of wallpaper today gives a choice. Classic interior solutions and antique furniture suggest silk wallpaper in red, gold or silver. More modern and minimalist spaces give freedom for experiments - wallpaper with rhombuses, spheres, circles or quotes from graffiti. And in the field of mixes - high ceilings, lavish ornaments, heavy crystal chandeliers and candlesticks will be refreshed by a wall of colorful wallpaper with pop art prints like the face of Jackie Kennedy, seen through the eyes of Andy Warhol. Such an unexpected combination creates a new mood in a home where the tradition has been maintained for years.

Often in modern interiors coexist wallpaper accent and one-color walls, usually in white or cocoa color. "It's for balance, because the bright wallpaper attracts attention," said Rosie Steinbeck, a Miami decorator. Her architectural studio imposes a style in which only one wall, the longest, is decorated with bright colored wallpaper. "This emphasis becomes a kind of center of space. It is usually in a corner with a low table and sofas - the place where one rests and invites friends for a drink, "explains Steinbeck.

Visual game

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, commissioned by leading manufacturers of wallpaper in the world, wallpaper gives extra density and volume to the space, creates warmth in the home. "Wallpaper is like a picture. You can change it, scratch or paint it, make it old or cover it with tulle, ”says Nora Gustavson, a Norwegian designer. According to her, today a person is inclined to creativity in his home, even if he has never been tempted by muses. Nora tries different approaches to furniture in her interior solutions. "Sometimes the client and I choose the wallpaper first. Another time, first the furniture and the wallpaper to them. Recently, more and more customers prefer wallpaper not only for children's rooms, but also for the bedroom, living room, hallways. The temptation to turn a home into a work of art is tempting, ”says Gustavson.

The richness of scales and shapes, the ability of a wallpaper to set a complete interior solution makes leading designers and manufacturers to offer bolder solutions. Paris Hilton recently decorated the living room of one of her New York apartments with silk wallpaper with the image of Merlin Monroe printed on it. Increasingly, expensive restaurants around the world are renovating their walls with wallpaper. Even museums and office buildings, though still timid, refresh their interiors with… wallpapers. Wallpaper fashion is becoming a profitable and costly industry, backed by architects, designers, artists and stylists. Or in a fun game that more and more people play with pleasure.
source Brava Casa magazine, ed. Arto

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