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New SOFTLINE  Sofa Collection - Unique Design and Functionality

New SOFTLINE Sofa Collection - Unique Design and Functionality

The team of Furnish BG are pleased to introduce you with the new collection of soft furniture of the world famous Danish company SOFTLINE – a manufacturer of designer furniture and modern and unconventional solutions. SOFTLINE is one of our major suppliers, which guarantees our customers safety and quality. SOFTLINE is part of the furniture market since 1979 it is a company with tradition and established positions. Its products are distinguished by a unique and unconventional design, combined with functionality and comfort.

SOFTLINE continues to develop and complement their product catalog with new and unique furniture in close collaboration with a team of internationally renowned designers. The new furniture collection combines posh design and versatility for a modern home or public building. The latest collection of SOFTLINE combines simplicity of the lines of the furniture with a variety of colors and fabrics that allow you to select furniture which will meet your personal preferences and will fit both your lifestyle and home decor. And this is the most important aspect of the modern understanding of interior design and furniture – a smart and innovative design in the furniture lines.

The latest collection of SOFTLINE is a result of the successful work of the team of designers of the company, including the world famous designer Karim Rashid. Karim Rashid is one of the most fruitful designers of his generation and has a remarkable contribution for three of the furniture designs of the collection SOFTLINE\'s 2010 - Blub, Pierce and Ottobed. Lovers of unique furniture design would certainly appreciate these new products.

We wish to offer the best to our clients, and what\'s better than furniture series with unconventional and stylish design, functionality and proven quality, coming out of the hands of a proven furniture manifacturer of the rank of SOFTLINE. If this is what you\'re looking for, view the Danish company products we are now offering in our online furniture store.

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