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Set Mozart

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  • We apologize, but can have discrepancy with the products prices due to the frequent changes by the suppliers.
    We update the prices periodically.

    The set includes a mass and 4 tables.
    Masa Mozart: L 140 -180/W 80/ H 75 cm
    MDF raft and kraka beech array, color - byal.
    *Masata is also available in sizes 160-240 / W90 / H 75 cm.
    Verdi table - W 43/D 52/H 90 cm.
    Byal beech array and Siwa Damascus.
    Price for 1 table: 439 lv.
    Delivery time: 40 business days.
    Delivery is not included in the price, depending on the location.
    For more information, praying, you will steal from us.
    Get attention!
    Vitchki size in centimeters and following: Width / Dalbochina / Visochina
    Offer all furniture delivered in a non-global look and price, not including delivery, disassembly and installation services, but not explicitly mentioned!
    Permissible deviations or discrepancies from the actual color on a different type of damascus/decor, from the tee on the screen to your

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