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Latest trends in the decorative laminate furniture

Latest trends in the decorative laminate furniture

The innovative technologies enable to achieve extremely realistic effect by vision and by touch, as well as high quality and durability.

The latest collection Trends 16/17 of Kronospan is the perfect combination of WOOD, STONE and METAL. It includes 11 contemporary wood decorative surfaces, 6 decorative surfaces with aluminum covering and 10 decorative worktops.

These modern decorative surfaces are presented in three interior styles - Nordic, Luxury, Metropolitan.


It is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design. Soft pastel tones, elegant natural wood shades, Nordic is entirely dedicated to natural materials and bright, calm tones, in search of comfort and functionality.


This style follows the modern trends for urban feeling by black and gray scenery and focuses on recreating the intense shadows of the urban environment. Dark wood grains combined with aluminum constructed the mysterious and powerful character of Metropolitan.


We offer you a combination of luxurious marbles, precious alloys and warm wood decorative surfaces. Through it you will be able to create interior, emitting extravagance, elegance and luxury.

We hope that these wonderful decorative surfaces have inspired you. If you are planning a process of furnishing, we will be happy to help you,seeing your idea completed. Choose the very best dйcor that you want, and our designers will design the furniture that you are dreaming on.

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