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 The "Italian Way" of peace, harmony and relaxation.

The "Italian Way" of peace, harmony and relaxation.

The bedroom – modern and at the same time so traditional, temple of the peace and harmony after a long working day. It is the place where we regenerate the feeling of peace, harmony and relaxation.

Let’s sneak in this temple and see it in “Italian way” which designing achievements do wear the king’s crown and deserve to be called “Word № 1”.

This furniture radiates discretion but categorically finesse typical for the fashion with Italian influence. It combines the minimalism of the shapes with the warmth of the natural materials and the finesse of the detail.

Their presence at the interior is so powerful so it does not stand for any competition .The luxurious feeling is radiated from the materials – stone with extremely warm sensation covers walls or floors. Sometimes floors are covered with a “Venge” wood same color as the furniture. All the fabrics are natural materials made – most often natural linen and leather. The combination of neutral colors brings a sensation of peace and the precise selection of lights creates a fairy tale atmosphere.

The neat furniture gives a sensation of expanse.

The dressing area is delicately separated by a glass wall.

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