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High tech interior trends

High tech interior trends

High tech style is one of the most popular home interior design styles nowadays. It’s been formed during the last third of the 20-th century with industry design as its foundation, where all the elements are in subjection of functionality.

Moving into the residential interiors, the industrial elements have been developed and the missing decoration have been compensated by a game of lights on the glass, chromed and metal surfaces. Open constructions, sophisticatedly structured interior spaces, metal, glass, concrete – all of them are typical for the High tech style.

This type ot interior is mostly suitable for big premises, separated into functional zones by lighting barriers and glass walls.

High tech style requires soft furniture with simple geometrical forms and one-color upholsteries. You can use it as a color spot by choosing a bright color for vivifying effect. The important thing to remember here is to create ONLY ONE color spot in the interior.

Another elements that go well are glass top tables, square or round, metal chairs, lounge tables on wheels, glass book shells.

Lightning is VERY important when creating a High tech home. Forget about classic chandeliers, crystal pendants and floral elements. All you need is many built in spot lights in combination with a cascade of hanging halogen lights, situated at different levels. The basic requirement is simple forms.

Thus you can shape the space, emphasizing on one spot and hiding another one or visually creating different zones. Soffit and all its configurations is also a very practical and affordable, it is equally suitable for living rooms, and for kitchens.

The best “clothes “ for high tech windows are horizontal or vertical blinds. If you don’t want your home to look like an office, add curtains, but the rule here is to choose simple color fabrics, not too thin or too thick.

Light flat walls are a necessary element in the High tech style, painted in white, light grey, beige or sand color. Specialists advice not to use wall papers, but latex paint.

And don’t put ANY paintings on the walls. If you want to decorate them, hang some big author photography in thin metal frames, or only abstract paintings.
source: www.zaneya.com

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