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General interior design concepts for vacation apartments

General interior design concepts for vacation apartments

There are some fundamental principles to be taken in consideration when it comes to the development of proper furnishing solutions for vacation properties – general purpose, exploitation (seasonal or annual) and location (winter, summer resort or county house).

The high season is probably one of the most important factors when deciding on an apartment's furnishing, as it defines the basic guideline of the entire interior concept. For example, when it comes to Summer Vacation Rentals, furnishing solutions usually refer to the use of plain furniture with clean straight lines and soft aerial fabric, while materials such as glass or metal lend the area the necessary coolness.

The tendency stands opposite for the Winter Vacation Rentals, where trends lean towards massive curtains, heavy pieces of furniture, warmer colors, enhanced by ornaments and decorations.


Designed to host a permanent customer in- and out- flow, vacation rentals should generally use light colors for the overall decorating schemes (mainly pastel tones), suitable for the "large audience".

Aggressive schemes and accents (Bordeaux , grass-green, metal and glass encrusted corps furniture) are way more appropriate for individuals apartments.


Overall trends here shift focus towards two basic directives – multi-functionality and clean shapes. Made of long lasting, easily maintainable materials, the furniture should provide comfort and serve several purposes.


High-functionality and practical use of the storage space – these are the two basic elements, ensuring the proper design and furnishing of this area of the apartment. The kitchen should not over-dominate, but complement the remaining residential area.

Why should I choose an integrated interior solutions?

Following the overall market trends, more and more clients became attracted by the fully integrated interior solutions. Practical and efficient, the integrated interior solutions enfold every single step that an interior project requires, including the planning, design, organization and implementation.+

Furnish BG is a leading Bulgarian company, specialized in the field of interior design and furnishing solutions for residential properties and vacation apartments. The company provides its clients with personalized solution packages, in full conformity with their specific interior and financial requirements.

Furnish BG will not just provide you with the proper furnishing solution, but with a total interior environment.

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