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Energetic interiors

Energetic interiors

If you have untraditional thinking and taste, you will agree with the following advices for bright and energetic colors for the interior of your home::
Living room in electric and turkish blue

Turkish and electric blue colors are combined with shades of white and sandy color, giving the room atmosphere and fresh sea mood. The carpet from Juta, the rattan sofa and the curtains, woven from raffia, creating the impression of warm sand. Maritime accents are recreated through the upholstery on the sofa and the stool in Turkish blue.

Sliding doors in blue

Inspired by wheat field in which cornflower and poppy bloom, it is adapted a wall with shelves for cutlery, and in front of it are placed sliding doors in electric blue. When you open the door in front of you shines a palette of colors. Subtle red accents add joyful element to the interior of the room.

Grass green

Green color always affects refreshing - as green grass or woods. In this interior, green color is presented in two shades - herb light green and dark green. Walls are bright colored, so they can reflect light into the room, and furniture is dark, to be able to stand. Light orange strips bring variety and serenity in the interior.

Kitchen with yellow accents

For the dominant color of this interior, the choice is stopped on the radiant and energetic color of the sun. The soft yellow colors bring warmth and comfort in the room and stand out well against the black and white design accents. Yellow shades in the kitchen shine like the sun and make the room brighter.

Bright yellow interior

This interior is fresh bouquet of warm color shades - yellow and orange. Carpet and wallpaper are lemon yellow colored and chairs are covered with white bedspreads with orange floral elements and carriage. Only the white table is the one that gives color calm and relaxes the eyes of intense colors.

Favourite color - red

The red color gives cheerfulness and liveliness in any interior. One piece of advice for everyone - do not paint the entire room in red color. Woven into the design of the wall several strips of another color - pale purple, white, orange, that will cheer its appearance

Strawberry room

Joyful and cheerful combination of red and white evokes high spirits. The color combination of stripes is duplicated in the design of the sofa, too. The dominant color is white, and red is presented in certain accents on the wall, the sofa and the stool, but definitely it is the influential color that attracts attention.

Classic colors furniture

The interior background is completely white - snow white. It depends on you, what kind of spirit and mood, you will give to your room. In order for any furniture stand out for its shape and design, it is necessary variety of colors. As you can see, here they are used colors like purple, red and orange, which give the interior cheerfulness and liveliness.

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