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Why custom built kitchen is better?

Why custom built kitchen is better?

To create a beautiful interior in the kitchen is not enough just a good repair. Properly placed furniture with colors and style, harmoniously combined with the rest of the furniture, is important. In addition, the kitchen must be functional, convenient and comfortable - so the right choice of kitchen is very important, difficult and requires a creative approach.

In the process of designing the kitchen, designers take exactly all the necessary dimensions - this is a very important step, as even the smallest discrepancies can create problems in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets. The different variants of colors and materials, preferences for technique, equipment, built-in mechanisms, etc. are discussed. Then the project of the kitchen is made, on which the necessary corrections are subsequently made.

The installation is carried out by professional installers who, in addition to the installation of kitchen cabinets, install and connect all kitchen appliances and equipment with maximum precision. In short - standard kitchens purchased as ready-made kitchen modules can not compete with individually designed, which are 100% rationally and financially justified.

Why order a kitchen from us??

Furnish BG is a manufacturer

We sell kitchens and cabinet furniture, which we design and manufacture ourselves. This significantly affects the affordability of this furniture, because we do not need warehouses and commercial premises. We produce both more standard and affordable kitchens and cabinet furniture, as well as elite high-class furniture.

Extensive experience

We can boast of professional experience in the manufacture and design of custom furniture and kitchens. Our installers are professionals and install and install quality kitchen furniture and equipment.

Free consultation

If you can not decide exactly what kitchen would be best for you, our designers will be happy to help you choose the style, materials, appliances, equipment and everything you need for the project.

Quality materials

For the production of cabinet furniture Furnish BG always relies on the use of quality materials, regardless of their specific type. This is a guarantee for the creation of quality products and we do not compromise in their choice.

Different configurations, different styles

We make kitchens in different styles - high-tech, classic, country, rustic, harmoniously fitting into different interiors. However different their design, one and always constant - the guarantee of functionality.

Our specialists will help you choose all the components so that the kitchen created by us can please you for many years!

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