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Christmas design from Furnish BG

Christmas design from Furnish BG

Christmas is coming and everybody is in feverish preparation how to decorate our home.

Christmas decoration of home is invariable part of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. What gives the feeling of solemnity, uniqueness and festive spirit of the whole furniture is exactly the Christmas decoration. Even traditional in its essence, there is no constant formula for Christmas decoration and it follows precise fashion trends in interior design. This consequently gives variable opportunities for improvisation and turns it into one of the most amusing family experiences in the upcoming Christmas night. On contrary to the general expectations, stylish holiday decoration does not require so many resources. With the help of some flowers, pine branches, ribbons, candles and imagination, picturesque Christmas furniture can be created as long as you follow some basic rules: ease and freshness.

To begin with, muffle the outside lights by limiting it to the front door or eventually to the nearest trees in the yard. In this way, you will emphasize the focus on the inside lights of your home and you will give it cozier and more hospitable look.

In the Christmas spirit tradition, hang on the front door Christmas wreath of pine branches or thorny periwinkle, decorated with red ribbon, small fruits, pine cones and other suitable accessories. As alternative to the traditional Christmas colors – green and red, use light shades of green, white, bright yellow and beige for your holiday decoration. Refresh the atmosphere at your home by putting in various places in your home simple knitted baskets with bouquets of white or red flowers. For supplementary ethereality, add small glass decorations to the bouquets or an accent of thin silver ribbon. To strengthen the Christmas spirit, put candles on the shelves and in suitable for the purpose places, following your aesthetic sense. You can stress precise element to create typical atmosphere or change the color sense in a specific room by adding some “supplementary” lamps to the main lightings in the room. Situate some of them in a way to light the walls directly and the others in those parts of the room you would like to accent. Follow the harmony in the colors when decorating the holiday table. Choose one-colored textile napkins, cutlery sets in clear shapes, and as an accent add a bowl with fresh fruits or some color aromatic candles in the middle of the table. No matter what Christmas decoration you will choose, arrange the spaces in a way to create stylish atmosphere which will contribute to everybody’s Christmas spirit in the Christmas night.

Furnish BG wishes you Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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