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Ceramics for Breakfast - competition results

Ceramics for Breakfast - competition results

From December 22nd, 2006 to January 12th, 2007 was carried out a competition with the theme: Ceramics for Breakfast. This competition was co organized by designboom and MACEF (International home show in Milano).

The jury was composed of:
Ennio Capasa - fashion designer of “costume national” brand
Aldo Cibic - industrial designer
Nello Martini - journalist, son of the founder of the MACEF exhibition (www.macef.biz) Birgit Lohmann - editor-in-chief designboom.com
5002 creative individuals and institutions from 93 countries have participated.
The participation in this competition was impressive, 240 entries were featured, but many more have deserved to be included. Congratulations to all shortlisted designers.
The winners are:

1st prize: George Watson from UK
Name of design: glide
Designer's own words:
This toaster is designed to engage the user, re-invigorating the social context of toasting by questioning everything about what we toast with today. This is a toaster that brings life and joy to a stagnant domestic appliance, and iconic object for the home.

3 ex equo honorable mentions:

Spitshuis Iidewij from Netherlands
Name of design: brick-a-bowl
Designer's own words:

Brick-a-bowls are inspired by the pattern of the Dutch streets. They are made out of small terracotta bricks that make up the pattern of the pavement. The bricks are only visible on the inside of the bowls. The outside is smooth and shiny. Currently the bowls are completely craftwork; they are actually build brick by brick.

Strasser Laura + Milia Seyppel from Germany
Name of design: Milk moments
Designer's own words:
Milk Moments___ As if it was a fluid... A table collection that internalizes the moment of a mishap, the splash. The bowl-collection for breakfast and dinner is meant to be in porcelain.

Xinhe Jiang + Zhuo Wang from France
Name of design: parlez avec moi
Designer's own words:
Wake up alone? "Parlez avec moi" leaves you no more lonely breakfast. Breakfast contains the love from our mother, lover or children,etc. With "parlez avec moi", breakfast can be a way to express these loves. We try to make the plates service like an intermedia in the family. all the wordless emotions can be "written" in the dish and appear on the plate.

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