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How to choose the best mattress

How to choose the best mattress

How to choose the best mattress 

Our happiness of life and our good sleep are so much connected. Probably you very much realize and accept this connection every day. This is why, we consider, that the suitable mattress is a factor number 1 for your good sleep. It’s been calculated, that about 220 000 hours of the life of each of us, are spent in sleep. This is why your mattress is the most used furniture at your home. For only a period of 1-2 years you could make an investment for a better mattress and it will cost you less, than a cup of coffee or a news paper per day. Quality manufactured mattress is a main factor for your good sleep this is why it should be adjusted according to your requirements. We can not tell you which mattress you have to buy, because it depends on your personal preferences, but our advices, we could make your choice a lot easier:

1. Always buy a mattress from a well known manufacturer (this way you’ll avoid buying a fake mattress with suspicious materials) they have the experience and a “Know how” to provide you the best mattress for the best price and the best quality.

2. Don’t expect to pay less then 75 Euro for a single mattress .A price lower than that is not realistic and for sure is a compromise with the quality of your mattress. Always require a warranty for the mattress you’re buying.

3. A warranty for 20-30 and more years is unreal.

4. For having a comfortable and healthy sleep get consulted what mattress would be best one for you – softer, harder and your preference should be satisfied.

5. When buying a mattress, you have to pay an attention on four main factors – comfort, stainless, space, quality price.

6. Don’t ever buy a mattress without personally trying it. There is no way to know if this mattress is the best one for you by only touching it with your hand. Choosing a mattress is a very important matter and it needs a special attention from your side.

7. Ask if the mattress has an antiacar treatment. It is very much possible the fabrics which don’t have such treatment to course allergies, asthma or hay fever.

8. Take your partner with you .This is how you can select the best mattress for both of you.

9. The mattress has different sizes because the people have so.

10. Try not to buy too small mattress – the bigger the better. It is recommended the single mattress to be not smaller than 82/200 cm. and the double one not smaller than 144/200 cm. Don’t forget that while sleeping people often change the position of their bodies.

11. The double sided mattress requires slat base. It prevents damages and guarantees you a good ventilation of the mattress.


The technological searches these days are pointed at the good health and peaceful sleep. The mattresses are going trough a true revolution with the new material Memory foam developed by NASA’s secret technology. The thing that makes it unique is the ability of the foam to take till 90 % of the shape of the body of the man sleeping, which means natural relaxation and complete resting .Thanks to the secret formula, the foam has impressive elasticity, which with the contact of the body reacts on it’s temperature and curves underneath, without pressing a single spot of it. After that the mattress recovers its shape up till 100%.The Memoflex provides such a natural comfort, so that the sleeping person makes 80% less movement while his sleep. Here are some more of the characteristics of this mattress – they are maid with vents which allows the air to circulate ant to cool it so it doesn’t need regularly to swap it upside down. It does not predisposes to acares and has 5 different areas of hardness with this mattress is really easy to travel and carry it with you. All you have to do is to roll it and it is very light. These mattresses have 15 years of warranty.


This mattress as well takes one of the leading places at the competition of the healthy mattresses around the world because of it special cell structure providing even orthopedic support and full relaxation for the spinal column. It is a foaming in precisely controlled temperature and technological conditions caoutchouc plus chemicals. Once hardened and shaped it is extremely flexible – recovers its initial shape repeatedly and for long deformations. Every product goes trough a different testing for elasticity, hardness, thickness, and stainless after many deformations. It’s been proved that the Classic mattresses can bare 260 00 times sitting and lying and right after that it will fold with 7 %. Except for the material these mattresses are very competitive because of their other characteristics. They are offered in 3 levels of hardness S, M, L from which you have to select according to your body weight. The highest class of course is L for the people with bigger body weight and except this these mattresses have different areas of thickness which provides comfort for the different parts of the body.

Double sided mattresses and mattress bags

What is the mattress wrapped in? This is not unimportant detail. Usually the luxurious class of mattresses is offered with double sided cover - winter and summer sides. The summer side is thinner and maid of body cooling fabric. The upholstery is maid of natural materials used cotton and polyester. Additional convenience is when the mattress is covered with a zipper bag which makes it really easy to remove it and clean it.

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