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Our partner Sofline at the IFF in Milan, Italy

Our partner Sofline at the IFF in Milan, Italy

Our partner Softline continues to set new objectives for providing unique lines of furniture to suit modern lifestyles.

The new 2009 Softline collection translates the latest global trends into a series of functional, high-quality, design furniture. Our enthusiastic team of experienced and talented designers have developed a range of new furniture to meet the needs of people around the world who are looking for comfort, flexible solutions and elegant design.

The 2009 Softline collection is presented in a beautiful iceberg setting. As sculptural elements with different shapes and asymmetric lines, icebergs herald the advent of spring and the soft, warm rays of the sun. At the same time, the white geometric shapes express new trends in design and construction where classic elements are interpreted and combined with innovative functions. In this context, the furniture and designs comprise the palette of colours in shades of orange, red and purple. Warm, intense colours strike a fine balance and create an intense atmosphere in the openings and passages between the cool icebergs.

You can browse through, choose and buy Softline furniture here

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