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Sofa Bed Neva 2

  • Product Code: ERG DUET 2
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  • We apologize, but can have discrepancy with the products prices due to the frequent changes by the suppliers.
    We update the prices periodically.

    Size: W 206/ L 100/ H 85 cm

    Construction: metal supporting structure; zig-zag springs; array; plywood; pdch.

    The seats are made of 16 cm high-quality foam with a density of 30 kg/m3, guaranteeing a long period of operation. The backrests are filled with antibacterial silicone fluff, providing softness and comfort when leaning

    Sleep option: The 2-seater sofa is available (optionally) with a strong and comfortable, double-folding sleep mechanism - Sedaflex® - Belgium, made of metal tubes with a diameter of 30 mm and under-mattress slats. Mattress thickness 9 cm. Sleeping area 133 x 183 cm. Suitable for daily use.

    The damask is the customer's choice.

    The price of the sofa is with a mid-range damask, different from the one in the photo.

    Shipping costs are not included in the price.

    Transport costs are determined according to the place of residence.

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