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The new ambition of Salon du Meuble de Paris

The new ambition of Salon du Meuble de Paris

This year, the Salon du Meuble (20-24 January 2007) will be held across two innovative exhibition areas, designed for two different sets of visitors:
1. Salon du Meuble – Paris: Show completely reserved for industry professionals. An area set aside for meetings and business.
2. Futur Interieur: Intended as an entirely original showroom devoted to high-end furniture and furnishings. An exhibition area designed to stimulate the market. Open to the general public.
The new ambition of Salon du Meuble de Paris is to become the world’s largest gathering of professionals from the furniture sector. They will follow two aims:
1.Attract the largest possible number of international buyers.
2.Boost the number of overseas exhibitors.

10 new trends will be covered in the 2007-2012 edition of DOMOVISION, four of which will form the subject of a staged, themed presentation in each hall of the Salon du Meuble (see “Giant displays”). Each illustrates the synergy between the changes in the living environment resulting from the new behaviours of our contemporaries, and the cultural influences of the time.

We selected to offer to your attention “Giant displays”:
The "Multi-activity generational / New Pompadour"

This showcase emphasises the changes affecting the many activities that take place in a living room, in which up to 3 generations can today cohabit. Thus, 3 ambiances in the "revisited historic style" are on show: powder pastels, theatrical crimsons and a gothic-inspired presentation.

The "Premier equipment / Pop Nordica" ("Basic items / Nordica Pop")

The watchword here is "space saving", one of the major preoccupations of our time. Everything is therefore designed to be collapsible, foldable, combinable, modular...

The "Comfort / Caravan"

New multimedia technologies encourage us to stay seated for prolonged%RIMG3% periods. The aim here is to demonstrate the advantage of more comfortable seats. And because travel is another way of winding down, the theme of large desert landscapes will be evoked to further underline the notion of relaxation.

For more information visit: www.salondumeuble.com

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