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How to combine the colors in the room

How to combine the colors in the room

The color solution of the room is very important to create a comfortable space. There are various tricks how small auxiliary to breathe air and the spacious one with very high ceiling to become cozy and warm. Let's look at several options of color design of residential premises that can be used by you at the next repairs.  

Contrast Combinations

Bright walls, light ceiling, dark floor

Room, which uses contrasting colors always looks stylish and chic. In addition, combining bright colors with rich dark tones may be great correction of certain deficiencies or to highlight the merits of the rooms and spaces.
  • For rooms with low ceilings:
For the walls, use intense and dark colors, as the examples of the picture or wallpaper with vertical pattern or ornamentation. You can miss to put molding on the ceiling or to put very thin width - not more than 5 cm, matching the color of the walls. The ceiling must be kept light and the floor - very dark. Thanks to the flat, saturated color the walls will seem higher, and the ceiling will seem weightless and flying. Choosing dark floor is not random, because it creates the depth of the space.
  • For cramped rooms with low ceilings:
It can be used the same method, that is given above, but in addition, one of the walls can be colored brighter and sharper than the others rich-colored walls. So,if the room is too long, so can be visually shorten. Another option is to form the window (if it is concerned on that distant wall) with light curtains down to the floor, and the cornice is on the ceiling. In rooms with dark walls and dark floor is better to use furniture with bright colors, and decorations and accessories in intense colors. In small spaces such tricks give the necessary volume. And if you want a vision of „little reposition of the walls“, then put the carpet, the couch or the bed across.


Light ceiling, darker walls, dark floor

Living room, bedroom or any other room in which are used different shades of a color range, look harmonious and traditional. If you are a fan of the peaceful lifestyle and you like classic style more than other styles, then choose the color of dark chocolate for the floor, cocoa-color for the walls and creamy color for the ceiling. The very smooth gradation from dark to bright tone brings harmony and peace. This combination balances and properly distributes the load on the vertical and horizontal planes. This color combination of walls, floor and ceiling is perfectly complemented by white, dark brown and black sills, doors and moldings. The colors of furniture, textiles and accessories are selected according to your wishes, but always consistent with the warm tones of the walls and floor.


Bright ceiling, light walls and dark floor

If you have choosen dark parquet or laminate flooring for a little-sized room with a small and low volume ceiling, you should not worry that the color of the floor will „steal“ the precious inches height. We encourage you to correct the situation using for the walls, ceiling and curtains, bright and transparenttones. Door sills, cornices and floor boards must also be white or at least in suitable bright color.


Dark ceiling, bright walls, dark floor

Light ceiling, dark walls, bright floor

It seems strange, but this method is suitable for both of rooms with high ceilings and with low ceilings. Important is the color of the walls to be only bright or only dark, and therefore the floor and the ceiling to be in opposite of the wall’s color.

  • For walls with low ceilings:
In this case you need to make a ceiling on two levels. The idea is main ceiling to be painted in dark color and second lower ceiling level to be painted in lighter color. This trick will visually "lift" the low ceiling. The bright walls will expand the space and the dark floor will balance the intense upper part of the room.

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