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Latest ECO interior design trends

Latest ECO interior design trends

The latest interior design trends feature eco-friendly products, natural materials and renewable technology – read on to find out how to redesign your home:

Eco-insulation - many existing homes still aren’t insulated well enough. To combat this, you can buy natural sheep's wool or recycled plastic insulation, or even install a grass roof.

Natural flooring – natural flooring types are popular for 2010, ranging from expensive stone or wood to less extravagant option - Linoleum is derived from a natural material and is cheap to buy. The latest flooring trends unveiled at this year’s Grand Designs Live exhibition include Tirex carpet, which is made from recycled tires, so it’s extremely hard-wearing.

Natural paints –People are daring to paint their homes in bold colors at the moment, moving away from the neutral beige of the recession. Whether you want to go for a new, bold look or something more modest, the type of paint you choose has become an important factor. Rather than use a solvent based paint which is harmful to the environment, especially if poured down the drain, try a natural alternative. Natural paints are better for your health and the environment. They last as long as synthetic paints but may just take longer to dry.

New windows – double glazing and new window frames can make a big difference to the style and energy efficiency of your home. The latest design trends in windows are based around the idea of conserving heat and renewable technology, as Kate explains: “The Japanese have started putting solar PV in windows so you can plug your phone into it to charge and in Germany they have reversible windows and doors which keep heat in during winter and expel it during summer.”

Renewable technology for the home – newly built sustainable homes have to include a certain amount of renewable technology like solar panels, heat pumps or turbines to satisfy building regulations. If you want to install heat pumps, solar panels or biomass heating in an existing home there are grants available, but you should consider what is most suitable for your home. You have to weigh up the pros and cons.

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