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Furniture and interior design

We give you the most durable and stylish furniture within your budget


Furnish BG is manufacturer and supplier of furniture on individual size and design, from high-quality laminated boards and bare or veneered MDF and PVC, for furnishing living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, children’s rooms, offices, stores, hotels, bathrooms etc.The furniture is made by individual design, from quality materials and mechanisms and consistent with current trends. The casings used are of the companies Blum, Haffele, Hettich and Grass. We produce boutique kitchens, bedroom furniture, wardrobe rooms, living and children furniture. Our furniture are distinguished by their design and quality. The rich variety of colours and structures that we offer allow us not to set limits on your imagination.

We execute the orders within deadline and the end prices of the made-to-order furniture are formed of the actual value of the materials used and the complexity of their production.

Also we offer you interior design service called Home Design, to help you and consult you. The interior design for apartments, homes or hotels is not limited to the selection of expensive and luxurious furniture and decoration. It includes the creation and implementation of an individual projects furniture for a harmonious interior - from the concept through the selection of appropriate furniture, appliances and colors to the decorations and the arrangement. We take care of every detail in order to provide perfect combination and harmony between all the different elements of the furniture and even between the individual rooms. Everything is in accordance not only with your requirements and desires, but also with your budget so as to come to the most optimal solutions.

What we do:

1) Research and consulting:
  • Consultation with our experts and establishment of an initial conceptual interior design according to your wishes and requirements and to the restrictions of the premises.
  • Visit on site and measuring the exact dimensions of the premises

    The on-site visit and measurements are for free!

    2) 3D interior visualization:Professional visualization of interiors, furniture, products, 3D modeling and rendering. It is important to see how will look the interior and change what you don't like. That will save you time and mistakes.

    3) Evaluation/Project Costing: Design of projects with a predefined budget or of a project in accordance with your individual desires and its evaluation. Flexible options for budget reducing and achieving optimal solutions.

    4) Implementation of projects:

  • Home renovations and proper planning of the interior space.
  • Interior Design and implementation of custom solutions for ceilings and walls of plasterboard - figurative ceilings, hidden lighting, arches, columns, wall niches, decorative elements, etc.
  • Selection and professional placement of flooring, decorative coat, wallpapers, paint, trims, etc.
  • Selection and design of bathrooms - selection and installation of floor tiles, tiling, baths, showers, etc.
  • Design and implementation of electrical installations, lighting and sound systems.
  • Individual projects furniture for living rooms, closets, home, offices and other premises or selection of finished furniture, decorations and accessories.
  • Bedroom sets and kitchens in Bulgaria.
  • Individual design of kitchens.
  • Transport, delivery and installation of the selected furniture.
  • Finishing works for home.

    5) Control: Quality management and strict control over the performance and timing of each stage of work.

    For more information please contact us at: +359 52 685568 and e-mail: info@furnish.bg You can provide us with your ideas and desires on what you would like us to achieve together.

    What is Interior design? Perhaps you think that this is yet another unnecessary service marketed to satisfy the whims of people with great opportunities. Before stating you have no extra money to waste let us tell you something really important about this service. The overall interior design is no longer a luxury and is becoming more and more necessary because, contrary to your expectations, it can save you a lot of money.

    Undersized or not so practically spaced homes often make their owners face difficulties in finding suitable furniture and placing it functionally. Moreover everyone has their individual views and ideas on how their home should look, but turning those ideas into reality is not that easy. This is where interior design specialists intervene to advise you and to create an overall concept for your home. And there are no more reasonable expenses made than those that will save you time, effort and even money, and last but not least - will turn all your ideas and desires into a complete and comfortable home. Complete furnishing and interior design is also an investment to a large extent because you pay just once for the overall service and get an individual projects furniture. You do not hire different companies and pay them separately to complete the various stages of furnishing and home renovations.

    Explore the gallery, featuring some of our implemented interior design projects:


    Consulting, interior design, costing and implementation of complete harmonious solutions and individual furnishing projects for your home. Full range of services - from repairs, furniture design, furniture producing to the delivery, installation and decorative accents for your home, hotel, restaurant and shops.

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