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Repair and Furnishing - La Mer, Golden Sands

Repair and Furnishing - La Mer, Golden Sands

A standard building by a builder in a complex driving the sea can become a cozy and beautiful home. It is necessary to lightly decorate and decorate the rooms in suitable colors and decorative elements, as well as individually designing furniture according to the desired style and the needs of the owner.


Improvements have been made to the bathroom, such as adding hygienic shower, washing machine and cabinets; changing of faience and others. equipment.


The space in the corridor is used as much as in the niches there are built-in wardrobes with sliding doors. Wardrobe with mirror doors: 200/260/50, 1950 lv and wardrobe white gloss with color print: 160/260/60, 2100 lv.


Bedroom 1

The master bedroom is furnished with refined Mediterranean style furniture made of high quality materials - massive and MDF. Their white color perfectly combines with gently blue walls and wallpaper. Ideal atmosphere for each bedroom with sea view.Wardrobe 200/220/60, 2260 lv, chest of drawers 80/100/45, 990 lv, night cabinet 320 lv.

Bedroom 2

The second bedroom-cabinet is set in warm brown tones. Here the built-in wardrobe is Japanese-style made of bright gloss with wood-darker horizontal strips. Price: 1850 lv, size 160/260/55

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