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Fashion trends in furnishing your home in 2008

Fashion trends in furnishing your home in 2008

Every year new trends appear in the fashion, design and home’s architecture. Architect magazine tries to answer how the homes will look like in 2008 world widely. Due to the fact that the cost of the energy will stay high and it will get possibly higher comparing with the current levels, more owners will look for ecological alternatives such as solar installations and batteries. The water installations for collecting and purifying the rain water with a second use purpose will get more popular. Apart of saving money, such a decision increases the value of the property vastly.

According to the prognoses of the specialists there will be more banks, which will give easier mortgages to owners, who make their homes in conformity with nature’s trends. The company producers of furnishing will also increase the eco production and in that way they will stimulate their costumers to get their homes furnished with ecological materials without detriment to the outward appearance or at the cost of a huge budget.

In the current year the expectations are the passion of the people to the interiors to be directed to outer spaces of their homes. More yards will be turned into exotic places – the usual swimming pools will be turned into tropical oases, cookhouses will be preferred and the gardens will look as jungles. The devices which make our life easier are getting more in number and more sophisticated. The number of the people who buy compact devices with a multi functional use and an ecological way of work will be increased.

Because the time is never enough for anything, most of us will trust mostly to interior decorators and designers than to their own imagination and efforts. Like all the clothes, the furnishing depends on the fashion as well.

Here are some trends for a home in 2008


Leather – the last few years the minimalism was ruled in the interior design but in 2008 the luxury is coming back. The leather is favorite to the designers again. The main moment is the successful combination with wool and wood in a retro style. Eco trends – they keep their place in the materials for home and represent ethical matter mainly in front of the furniture’s producers for remade materials use.


Metal- bronze, silver and gold have a hypnotic effect on lamps, panels, accessories. Beautifully and stylishly. Scandinavian invasion – Scandinavian style is smartness in all times. This applies to 2008 too.


The green color is the topical “neutral” color. It is the perfect addition to the eco trends. The light nuances of green will be used themselves or in combination with a crystal blue, which represents the nature. The feeling for a harmony with the earth is added of a soft brown and sandy. These combinations are extremely suitable for a bathroom, kitchen area and dining room in a home.

Excellent elegant – Black and white are dominated in the luxury home – a lot of silver accessories, rich lighting and plenty textile fabrics. It is emphasized on red and dark grey colors for more dramatism. The main bedroom and living room are the premises where this excellent elegant could be made. Soft colors – it is coming on front that there is nostalgia to en easier way of life. The blueberry red, pumpkin orange, soft brown. The colors of this pallette are hinted from the tradition of family crafts and home cuisine. The velvety soft colors dominate in the hand made accessories, which make a feeling of a coziness and stability. It is a perfect decision for a kitchen area and dining room.

Apart of that the orders for furniture and accessories in internet will make the home’s furnishing very easy and convenient for the owners.

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