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12 Easy ideas for your summer house

12 Easy ideas for your summer house

Finally, it is summer! And the more great news is that after long savings we have managed to invest in renovating our summer home and not where it is, namely near the sea coast. Beautiful and azure sea, bright sun, the sound of the sea waves - that is the dream come true. We decided to share with you this brief guide with ideas on how to freshen up your summer house:

Add a burst of color

Give life to your home with colorful paintings, fresh flowers or fairy light curtains. "I love the colors - soft, bright, deep..." says the designer Ruthie Sommer about her Californian kitchen on the beach. "Use as many as possible lighter shades in furnishing.”

Use your breakfast bar

Fresh and fruity summer cocktails deserve a place of honor in the house. According to the designer Amanda Lindroth each beach house needs a great, spacious bar, where you can enjoy the cool cocktails.

The fireplace can still be useful

Although the fireplace is associated with winter comfort, we can decorate this part of our house with decorative pebbles, shells or coral, to be in tune with the summer.

Bring some of your furniture outside

If you have a beautiful garden or porch overlooking the sea, it will be a great idea to bring part of your furniture outside - what a beautiful morning than to relax on the couch, eating breakfast, served at the table.

Try decorating such as "Bohemia"

Intensive colors, a mixture of shapes and flowers everywhere –real one, painted or printed one - make your dining room an inviting, sunny and positive place, advises designer Krista Ewart.

Canopy dreams

An incredible idea for a perfection is the canopy curtains, hanging around your couch while you collect tanning poolside. In addition to creating a fabulous Association, they protect you from the sun, and even more - from insects.

Rattan is back in vogue

Decorate your garden or terrace with rattan furniture, chairs, and tables. They create an exotic look of your home and at the same time, the material that they are made from is very durable.

Take care of the pillows too

In addition to comfortable rest, pillows may look very aesthetic and fresh-especially if you keep the details. White and blue colors harmonize great because they bring positive associations, related to the sea and the summer.

Repaint dark wooden furniture in white

Inspired by Scandinavian style, many designers recommend the furniture to be white or at least light, because bright colors attract the light in the room.

Oh flowers, oh freshness!

Flowers always give freshness- what could be more beautiful than that to invite your guests to the table in your garden, and above you to raise an arch with hanging from it garden flowers. You have imagined Semeramida gardens, haven’t you?

Time for barbecue

Evening comes, you are getting hungry - what is better than making a place for barbecue in your garden where you can dine with your loved ones and a glass of wine, fresh air under the sky. A delight for the soul!

Install outdoor shower, too

Well, it takes time and money, but turning back from the beach, with all this said, what is more, convenient than taking an outdoor fresh shower? And all the family would enjoy such a benefit!

With all these short and simple interior design ideas for your summer house, you will refresh your place and will enjoy great emotions, in the company of your beloved ones! Here you can find great offers for summer, which can turn your house into a heavenly place!

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