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Bring Christmas spirit into your home with candles

Bring Christmas spirit into your home with candles

Decorative candles have a multifaceted effect on the interior - as cozy lighting, color and aroma. Therefore, they are one of the favorite elements for holiday decorations, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Here are some ideas for such decorations - from simple designs to more complex configurations and remember - never leave unattended lighted candles and keep them away from small children and pets.

*Path of light - Light up your staircase with a beautiful arrangement of decorative candles of different shapes and sizes. To do this, place candles of appropriate size in beautiful glass containers - elongated vases and low bowls, half filled with fine white sand (the sand may be slightly moistened) or water. To reduce the risk of accidents, you can use electric candles powered by batteries (they look like traditional ones).

* Aromatic rows - each room will be filled with a pleasant dim light and delicate aroma with the help of these small decorative candles. The candles are placed in small glass bowls decorated with wreaths of rosemary or thyme.

*Tea party - The old but strong porcelain tableware can be turned into part of the holiday decoration, as can the rest of the various sets of tea and coffee cups. To do this, place in them tealights with a metal base and arrange them on a special shelf or on the shelf above your fireplace. If there is a mirror behind the cups arranged in this way, the glare will be scattered throughout the room.

Evergreen decoration - use a simple glass cup or a tall glass on your foot to turn it into a beautiful decorative candle holder. Make the decoration of the cup by arranging a few branches of evergreen wood in the desired way and stick them with a little colorless glue.

*Hanging decorative candles - Create a real snowfall "of light by gripping several glass candle holders tightly with wire and decorating the wires with winter snowflake ornaments between them. Use electric fresh, battery-powered ones so you don't have to worry about accidents during the holidays.

*Glamorous arrangement - A real Christmas arrangement, created in a ceramic dish on a leg - a large decorative candle is placed in the dish, and small glittering balls are arranged around it. Fresh sprigs of greenery and flower bouquets are arranged next to the decoration.

*Easy color decoration - Ordinary decorative candles turned into a festive focal point just with a little paint in saturated colors. The beauty of the decoration is complemented by a handful of small nuts placed in the plate below.

* "Snowy" Christmas wreath - The ordinary Christmas wreath of fir twigs has been turned into a real winter extravaganza of color and light with a light sea flavor. The twigs are sprayed with white or silver spray paint, and several artificial marine accessories are woven between them. Decorative candles are placed in huge mussel shells placed on the gum. Due to the risk of fire, it is good to use electric candles that mimic real ones. If not, do not lose sight of the beautiful decoration when the candles are lit.

*Red and green - Create this beautiful decoration in bright colors by placing a tall decorative candle among fresh sprigs of greenery and fruit. To keep the greens fresh for a long time, place piaflora (flower foam) on the bottom of the dish.

*Arrangement with wine glasses - turn the old wine glasses into holders for decorative candles - turn them upside down on a metal tray, place the candles on the base and glue with silicone on the edge a few plastic or glass ornaments. It is very important that the cups are placed on a completely flat surface and in a place where there is no risk of them being pushed to reduce the risk of fire.

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